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i hear ya regarding Hillary... the "pantsuit wearing woman"... i think you know what they whisper in my "circle" of friends...i keep waiting for her to "sing"... trust her? it appears to me like she keeps trying to buy the delegates from Michigan and Florida.... she is the one that keeps saying we should count them... she wanted to take on Obama in a debate..without a moderator...i'm glad he basically ignored it.... Bill was for NAFTA, Mccain is for NAFTA, hillary and obama said they think the whole thing should be renegotiated...but if hillary thinks that and bill is for it...then what happens?? who is really president???? the question becomes who was really president before?

indeed it is time for change... and I think Obama is the man...


I totally, 100% agree with you.
Not to mention, he's cute too! ;-)


Lis, I had a chance to check out Obama speaking in Grand Rapids the other night on television. I felt he spoke from his heart, and he truly wants this to be a better country for ALL citizens. Not just the ones at the country club. I do not see the same passion from Hillary and I think that passion is what is needed.
By the way, did you catch the article where ol "W" was quoted at the beginning of his term telling Bill Clinton he didn't know how to strong arm the Middle Eastern people into producing more oil? Seems he himself can't make it happen today. Very enlightening article. My favorite part was how oil was $28 a barrel when good ole George was voted into office. It is now over $200 a barrel. Hmmmmmmm..........


Obama's friends--Louis Farakkan, William Ayers-scare the heck out of me. Jimmy Carter was elected because he had no D.C. buddies and his four years in office brought us nothing to shout about. (You probably are too young to remember).

Actually I think it was Nancy Pelosi and the newly elected Democratic majority who promised us to take on the ever growing gas prices--but I guess they are too busy with other things?

Personally, I am not voting this year (a first), can't stand any of them. Where oh where is Al Gore when we need him?

worried american

Okay, So not that I don't agree with all the info or shal i say most of the info you said about the other candidates, but Obama the guy who said if it came down to it and he had to choose between siding with the Americans or the Muslims he would choose the MUslims.
I can't understand why anyone would vote for someone who if it came down to the nitty gritty wouldn't even side for the Americans.
I guess I just don't understand but I figured I would through my opinion out there.

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