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Have the T-Shirt

I will call you SOON and we'll do Steak n' Shake if you'd like. I'm just swamped busy right now but am looking forward to meeting you.

Glad you're likin' it here :)


Sigh. I had a bad feeling that the stopping smoking had in fact stopped. That makes me sad. People around here do like to smoke, that is true. Personally, it makes me crazy, and makes me a crazy she-wolf trying to protect my sweet little boy from that poison. Other than that, I'm glad you like the area so far!

I wish Steak and Shake's fries were bigger, they are like potato straws, not fries. Ours is not consistent, sometimes it's good, sometimes mediocre at best. But the shakes are always divine.

Soon we shall have to meet up at the Mug N' Bun. It's great fun, but in one of those supposedly "sketchy" areas, which also makes me laugh.


Oh my GOD. The Frisco Melt is to DIE for, isn't it? Now, if you really want to go for artery-clogging broke, order the Frisco Melt Dinner. For your sides, get fries and a cup of chili, then ask for a side of grated cheese. Have chili cheese fries with your Frisco Melt.

And when it gets cold? Chili Mac, baby. All the way.


I found one better though.The first week I was here one of the guys at work introduced me to an Indianapolis original. 96th St. Steak Burger. They have been voted Indy's best burger and shake umpty years in a row. Lisa has only had a shake there so far. They do not however have Frisco Melts so I see plenty of Steak and Shake in our future. The nearest one is 150 yards away from the house (but where in Indy ARE you more than 150 yards from a S&S?)so when we hit the 500lb mark we'll let you know...



Good golly, Lisa. It's a good thing you have the metabolism of a hummingbird! Congrats on your Expressway victory. That was a big step for you. I'm glad you and Martin like it so much there. I bet Mia's pretty smitten too.


I'm giggling. That western Ohio/Indiana uber-niceness creeps me out. Is there such a thing as TOO nice and TOO helpful? When I'm out there I am always looking for the pods.

No, seriously, I'm glad you guys are finding the move a good thing. ~LA


I told you Indy is a nice place.
I like the "too friendly" attitude because I am that way--been real hard living here with the Brighton snobiness--when I talk to strangers they look at me in a weird way as if I am going to next ask them,"Could you give me some money for a cup of coffee".

Enjoy your days Lisa Love.


hey, sugar! came over from have the t-shirt to say hey (southern for hello, pleased to meet y'all!) hope your move is going smoothly and you're settling in well in the new digs! xox

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