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OMG, we were bff's at 15 and I don't remember the love of unicorns. I have a booklet of poems we had to write for 10th grade English, but I have not dared to read them. The title of the booklet is "A lens out of focus, a fantasy to share." WTF? Could I have been more lame? Don't get me started on AP English. I don't remember what that assignment was, though. But I do remember Mrs. Decker going around asking who would be taking the AP test and me, fishing for reassurance and compliments, saying meekly "oh, I don't know? Should I?" Expecting a resounding yes. But she says, "Well, I suppose if you worked VERY hard you MIGHT be able to eek out a 2." (for those not familiar - AP test scores went from 1-5, 5 being the highest and very rare.) I think my jaw dropped. When I received my test results I wanted to go find where she lived and literally shove it in her face saying "Hah! I got a 4 bitch! And I didn't apply myself much and went out to breakfast before the test and was almost late! And now I don't have to take ANY college freshman English. So take that, you and your frizzy hair and little denim A-line mini skirt that you wear for weeks on end!" See? I said don't get me started!

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