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Oh my god congratulations!!!! I am SO HAPPY FOR YOU! I know things have been tough for a long time and I'm thrilled you have gotten a good turn of events! I am going to miss you!


We are all so excited about you moving to this neck of the woods that the earth moved! I bet you didn't count on moving to earthquake country, but without all that pesky sunshine and good weather that they have in California. I think we just had another aftershock about half an hour ago. Either that or my house if falling down, which would really suck.

But seriously, I am so glad Martin loves his job, and I am thrilled you are moving so close to me! Indy really is nice, I would definitely prefer it to where we are, but the commute would be much too long for Mark.

Keep me updated on what's going on with the move. Pretty soon we'll be sipping margaritas poolside!


Hurrah for you, Lisa! I know you and your family will enjoy this new community.

Indy is the new cool!


Yea!Hi Lisa I know I've been outta touch for awhile (I had a baby
and opened a bookstore!!)but whenever I get a chance I read your blog and keep up w/ you. I'm excited to hear about your move.
I had a dream last week that I was trying to get you guys to move to DC---how funny that you are actually moving!!! Congrats



Congratulations! Now I have somebody to go harass in Indy!


Way to go Broad! (DISCLAIMER! For those that didn't go to HHS with us, this isn't offensive or sexist!) I am so happy for you and Martin. This is great news and definately something to celebrate, so before you go lets get the Broads together for a cocktail or two! How exciting to be making a fresh start. I wish your family the best of luck at your new home.

Amy/ vintage lilac

So when's the moving party? I think I smell a road trip in Holly's and my future......


Sarah makes me laugh. She's such a funny Broad. But the pressing issue is, when will the Michigan Broads come visit the Indiana Broads?

Have The T-Shirt

Ah Man! You JUST missed our Indy blogger get together. We'll have to do it again soon :)

I've lived in Indy my entire life, so if I can help you out in any way, let me know!


i am so happy for you! this is great news...

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