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Wow girl, I was wondering if you fell of the planet!
I hope everything you want to have happen, happens!


Glad they found Margaret's problem...and all this time I thought low blood pressure was a good thing.
Also glad the Paxil is helping. All it ever did for me was make my head feel like it was 2 feet above my neck and made me shaky. So glad it is helping you.I understand the panic attacks--have had them for years and expressway riding is bad for them, but expressway driving will bring one on in a moment. Weird isn't it?


Ummmmmmmm, cookies...

amy suhr

Dear Darling-If you had been alive during the Oakland County Child Killings, and had you been a schoolmate of a child who was kidnapped and killed, you would not take such a condescending attitude. Having had been in that position, I can tell you that we all came of age alot quicker than we would have if it weren't for Mr. Ted Lamborghine and his perverted ways. It seems that society always rewards the person at the helm of the murder for being creative and daring. Let me assure you that whoever killed Tim King and the other had no such capabilities. He was a pervert, plain and simple. He snuffed out many young lives that had potential, not only in the present time, but also in the future. I hope that Lamborghine is found guilty for killing King and Stebbins and Sheila Schrock, and that you do a thorough investigation into the matter and find out all the others that may have fallen by the wayside


Lisa, I'm glad your MIL got a good diagnosis. She sounds like such a wonderful person.


What the hell was that comment referring to? I'm no longer in the area, has there been an arrest?

FYI - Lisa and I were both alive during the OCCK era, and while we lived a county away and were not classmates of the victims, we were the same age as the victims and were very much aware of what was going on. At the time there was no way of knowing the killer would stick to Oakland County. In fact there were quite a few 'blue gremlin' sightings in our town. I remember one incited a police chase through much of our county.

While obviously not as close to us as if the victims had been friends, family, classmates or neighbors, it still had an enormous impact on both of our lives. We too were forced to grow up faster, and gained knowledge we needn't had at that age. We both (and many of our friends) have stories of precautions our parents made us take. I remember watching at least one funeral on television. I had not known coffins came in such small. I remember the autopsy findings of one child's last meal. I had never heard of such a thing before. Writing about it brings back the sense memory of the fear we felt. It was not isolated to OC. Lis and I have spoken of this many times before, and how living through that time left such and indelible mark on us. That is why we both have an enduring interest in the case, and in true crime in general.

By the by, chastising someone for being condescending loses it's effect and import when you begin your post with "Dear Darling" when clearly you mean "Stupid Bitch whose opinions I abhor." Unfortunately for you, that greeting would also be wrong, as Lisa is a very smart bitch!


Helpful to know what's going on with MIL. Sorry it might not be all better though.

Paxil wasn't the right one for me, I'm a Wellbutrin girl, but I know folks who've gotten their lives back on Paxil. It made that much of a difference for them because of the combined anti-anxiety/anti-depression factor.

Hope whatever it is that's brewing (which you won't talk about) turns out great. Can't wait to hear about whatever it is, you blog tease. ;-) ~LA

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