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Jo Ann

Lisa, my daughter (kidney transplant patient) has been back in UVA for over a week because they kept delaying her transplant even tho her son was donating. Everything was a go, but they kept losing blood samples, tests, etc. Co-ordinators are on power trips and get away with it. Now she has a life threatening infection and suffered a minor stroke. SO scary! So far, she is responding to the antibiotics, but she is in severe pain and drugged most of the time. So, you see, UVA is very much like U Mich - teaching hospital. Unbelievable happenings.

They brought in a woman last Wednesday evening and put her in the bed next to Vicki (by the door). Another patient when V's immune system is gone-how smart is that? Anyway, the woman complained loudly about the lights and the beeping of a monitor so the nurses had to settle her down. Finally, all was quiet.
Then sometime after midnight there was a lot of commotion and two nurses were up on the window ledge by Vicki's bed trying to open the window. Seems the woman quietly died! They were trying to let her spirit out, but could not get the window open! I would think that is for a reason in a hospital with many floors. Have you ever heard of anything like that?
They called a doc to pronounce her and he did at 2 A.M. Then, they did not take her from the room til 6 A.M because they could not locate the key to the morgue! Wonder where they kept any other bodies that may have passed in the night? One key? BIG hospital.
We could write a book about all the happenings, the mistakes, on and on. If we were rich, we would not have to worry about these things, would we?
You don't have to post this to your blog, but thought perhaps you might have heard about the spirit release?? And, it IS an OMG story.

You and Martin do have to get out of Michigan and you will - the right job will come along soon. So glad to hear he has finally received the meds he needs.


In regards to the UofM doctors/hospital--have heard too many horror stories about them and known from personal experience how they treated Fred--horribly. My friend from Saginaw drove way down to Ann Arbor for an appointed visit and when she got there, they could not find her file! She was told to make another appointment (in a month) and come back. Now Saginaw is about 100 miles from Ann Arbor. She told them, "If you ever find my file, please take it, roll it up and shove it up your arse," and walked away. I was amazed, she is a very quiet, patient lady.
Good for you finding another doctor--I recently got rid of mine because I could not get in to see him for four weeks--ridiculous!!! I have a new one that I adore.
Love ya--Jude


Lisa, I love free samples. I consider myself an aficionado. Our postal carrier must despise me for the load of junk he has to deliver to me each day, but to me it's like christmas! But you are absolutely right, if they "care" enough to let us try their product for free then wouldn't it make sense to include a coupon...DUH !! Just my two cents, Kat


You're working on the next installment??!!! Now I have an inkling of what it feels like to be a drug addict. No pressure but...HURRY UP!!!

Richard (obx)

I tried to get on here last night and the site was offline. I am using BC/BS for my wife and I, because the poor people insurance in NC was sooo bad. However, we are paying $1,000 a month for it. However, it is tax deductible because I am in business for myself.
So, incorporate your website and then don't pay yourself a salary. However, do decide to give yourself 100% paid for insurance, life and health. You can even write off part of the house payments, utilities etc...
Think about it.


Hey Lisa, I could not agree with you MORE about UM. My family has had MCare (until BC bought it out) for the last 9 years. I could go on and on about the waits, poor customer service, and general crap they put their patients through. It's crazy. By the way, miss you at the meetings.


My 20 y.o. daughter spent 11 days at UM last month--they never did figure out what was wrong with her and finally sent her home with a diagnosis of a "virus." We had waited 9 hours in emergency while she had severe abdominal pain. That was okay because the man on the stretcher next to her in the hallway had fallen off a rooftop onto his back and had not been seen for the same amount of time! Once my daughter was admitted, she was given a bed in the basement where the cath lab used to be. There were 7 people in that area separated only by shabby, dingy curtains. All 7 people (5 women and 2 men) shared one bathroom! It was disgusting! No confidentiality whatsoever! After complaining loudly, my daughter was finally moved to a more respectable area of the hospital. While U of M may serve a purpose for some rare conditions, for the most part it's overrated and under staffed.


When you have your check up, get them to check your thyroid, I thought I was suffering from anxiety and was taking antidepressant, then I found out that my thyroid was actually the problem. I felt like I was anxious, hot, tired, just not my normal self. Hope you get your health sorted out, the system sucks.


I am lovin' this. You're such a great storyteller, Lis. I patiently await the rest. Take your time.

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