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Well dang, Lisa! You just rock those glasses!


You are such a babe! Giovanni should be so lucky! Keep on keepin awn Lisa! xxoomoi


The glasses really do look good!

I really like you hair! I wish I could get my hair to do that but nope it just sits on my head and hangs down, much like some men I know!


Hey Girl! I think they look great as do you! Stop worrying about what period your hair do is from. If people look that closely and want to think poorly of ya because your hair style or music period you like, well they dont really know you at all!

You are one of the stongest and greatest gals I know and so proud of how you stand up for yourself and what you feel. It takes alot for someone to do that nowadays.

Course Ida know if that means alot coming from a guy who just cut off a 5 year old mullet only about 2 years ago and as you well know not exactly the best on coordinating what he wears. LOL
not to mention the fact I still call people dude and bubba. oh well COOL BEANS!


Excellent specs! I know that sweater, I have at least 7 of them. Haute couture avec Old Navy, oui? ~LA


Old Navy, bien sur!

I have about ten vee neck black sweaters, as well. I'm sure people think I'm always wearing the same sweater. Then, in the summer, it's black vee neck tee shirts.


You look beautiful! I can't believe you grew that much hair in a year and a half! And the glasses are fab!


I commend you for having the patience to grow your hair out. When we met it was about an inch long.


Hey Babe! The glasses look great - are they DKNY? I think they may be the same as mine. You look better in them though, you don't have a giant head like I do. I love your hair, I am always envious of people with wavy or curly hair. Mine is so lacking in any kind of texture except limpness. But back in the early/mid 90's when the Heroin Chic look was in my hair was perfect for achieving that sought after junkie look! Happy Valentine's Day! I'd have a carnation sent to you in homeroom if it were 1982!

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