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We've been watching way too much children's television here, too. Freaking Wonder Pets still make me want to poke sticks in my eyes. But Bam-Bam has a sinus infection (part of this never ending cold he has had for.ev.er.) and our furnace broke over the weekend so we are having a new one installed, so we have to stick around and do a lot of nothing. So annoying kid's tv it is. I must admit to liking Yo Gabba Gabba. It has grown on me, it's so incredibly bizarre. Did you know the guy that does the drawing segment is Mark Mothersbaugh from Devo? That cracks me up. And the guy that does the music for the Backyardigans was in Camper Van Beethoven. For some insane reason the little one has also taken a liking to Max and Ruby. WTF is up with that show? It's like Ruby is this 5 year old who sounds and acts like an 80 year old from the Edwardian Age or something. And what's with the living situation? She and her little brother live alone in a house with no apparent parents, but their grandmother lives nearby? Why do they live alone? Why does Ruby wear dresses with bustles? Why does my child like this crappy show?


I would love to be there with you, not shoveling.

But, I would be making chili. I'm not very sophisticated with cooking.

Sain't Christopher

I want a snow day.


I'm now addicted to "Charlie and Lola". ( http://www.charlieandlola.com/ ). They kill me because they sound just like the children did when I was young in England. It's too funny! I can't get enough.

- M


When my beloved 'Sesame Street' became all Elmo ALL the TIME!!! I gave up on PBS. Moved to Nick and did okay until Steve left 'Blue's Clues' and was replaced by Joe the crazy 6' tall toddler with the speech impediment. At which point I told Wolf that at 4 years old he was well-able to get a job, so off he went on the train to the city every morning to his corner office at Schwab and my kiddie TV nightmare was over. ~LA

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