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Thank goodness you sent your link! I lost ALL of my bookmarks during an involuntary Microsoft update and all of my off-site, non D-land friends think I've gone uppity or something. I can't even remember what I named my back-up blogger site so I can't get into that either. Did you ever hear of anything so tragic?

Thanks for the encouragement and tips. I adore 'On Writing' and was delighted to find out King and I feel the same way about using good grammar and eschewing adverbs. If there is slaughtered grammar in my work I can almost guarantee it was written that way for effect. Though when I'm kvetching in my diary I write exactly as I speak and know I sound a lot more like 'Rhoda' than Rhodes Scholar. Can't tell you how many times readers when meeting me in person go all giggly and say, "Ohmygod, LA! You sound just like you write!" To which I always reply that I have to write it the way it sounds in my head, it's the only way I know HOW to write. Is it the same for you? ~LA


My friend Jennifer, who I've know for over ten years, says reading my blog is like sitting on the couch with me, having a glass of wine. I thought that was high praise, indeed.

I've been working on a novel? novella? that is set in the Upper Peninnsula of Michigan and I have my characters speaking in that dialect. I started to dream in that dialect and that was kind of scary.

I agreed with so much of what King had to say. Pretty incredible he was so messed up when he did such prolific wonderful stuff.

If you haven't read Anne Lamott, give her a shot. I enjoyed her take on the whole thing as well.


Lisa, like the new look! I still haven't seen Brokeback Mountain. I'll have to do that next time it's on. Have a great week-end and give Mia hugs for me.


Then come ride mine!! Let me know when, we'd be glad to have ya!!!

P.S. Love the new look, very calming and earthy. Reminds me of the water or my garden on a good day sitting on the bench with a nice cabernet.

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