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It seems like the coffeemakers never last long.

At our house, the thing is on nonstop from 6 pm until 11 ish on weekdays, not counting the early morning brew. Weekends it's just about all day and into the evening. I might have one cup on the weekend. Hubby drinks the rest, and it's leaded. No decaf in the place.


Thanks for the shout-out!

I have a wee bitty 2-cup jobbie like they have in hotel rooms. Best thing about it is the automatic shut-off. Never come back to find scorched coffee goo in the bottom of the pot.

You must have had very short spikes. Curls and quills seem counter-intuitive. After too many years of meticulously maintained Barbie hair I adore the ease of my pointy 'do. How long did it take you to grow it back out? ~LA


LA, mine has been growing my hair for a little less than a year. My hair grows freakishly fast, though. When I wore it short, I needed a cut every four weeks. If you want to see pictures, click on the Howell High School Reunion category, that will give you an idea.

It's been a long time since mine has been this long and I've forgotten how much work it is. I like the look but I miss running gel through it and calling it good.

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