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Judy Miller

Oh well--don't beat yourself up over it. Just get back on track--or maybe you could just have...like...5 a day?
I am no help--just a hopeless enabler and wishing I had one of those Monarch Lights--I've never had one before--I should to see what they are like?


NO! NO you shouldn't Judy! You and my friend Loretta have been my inspirations and my rocks through this!

The Monacrhs are some sort of off brand generic stuff one step above Basics brand. Not bad. I smoked them so you don't have to!


Lisa, bless your heart.

I know how rough it can be. I did a LOT of deep breathing and things that kept my hands busy.

Donna Hitz

Well Lisa,
I have been quietly cheering you on but I was holding back my comments, but here is what I have to say about quiting smoking;
The last time I quit was about 13 years ago. I tried the patch and at that time they probably weren't like they are now. Every time I started to fall asleep I would jerk awake as I, in my drift into dreamland, would fall off the porch, step off the curb into the abyss, or get pushed into traffic. It was hell. I can't stand that, and it would happen several times a night. In fact, that last time I quit was 6 months of hell. This is why I know I will never go back. As much as I loved to smoke and as much as I still like to get next to that second hand smoke once in awhile, I don't ever want to go through that again. At 48 I've already lived a year longer that many of my relatives(47 seems to be it). None of them had lung cancer but they all had strokes and heart attacks. It probably helps that I don't drink now because how can you drink a beer and not have a smoke? But anyway, it's sooo hard but please don't give up. Eventually it does get easier,


Hi! I had no idea I had such a delightful lurker. Sure, go ahead and blog roll me. *Warning: I have AWFUL diary trolls who like nothing more than tracing my readers and giving them grief. I apologize in advance.

Wish I could be more useful about quitting tips, but I'm still doing the vile weed and aside from cutting it down to a couple a day when I was pg I never made a serious attempt at quitting. I only smoke when I write or when hanging with other smokers. My family doesn't have to breathe my stink, my office is air-locked off the rest of the house. I figure that's as good as it's gonna get. Good luck climbing back on the wagon. I admire your grit. ~LA


Tomorrow, you can quit again.

I used the patch. And a lot of hard candy. I'm still trying to lose the weight I gained.

But, it has been over two years smoke-free, and I really don't want to go back.

I'm going to go smack Martin, now.


lovey, it takes the average smoker 11 tries to quit...hang in there...

Have The T-Shirt

I hope ronni hit Martin hard enough for all of us :P

Although, honestly, I know it's very hard for those around us, who have to put up with the not so nice attitude quitting brings about.

I've had a couple slips myself since I stopped the Chantix, but I just keep reminding myself of all the reasons I don't want to smoke.

Hang in there :)

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