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Lisa, this case sounds so frustrating! I'm willing to bet whoever took her was going to "help" Deanie with her modeling career. I can see the possibility of her slipping out to meet someone while at the wrestling event and not telling her Mom.

I wonder if cadaver dogs were ever sent to any of the locations the psychic indicated, or any other place on campus Deanie was known to be that night?


I'd also assume Deanie's biological father was questioned and cleared.


I don't remember this case at all from when it happened, which is weird because she would have been our age. The first photo is so disturbing, she could have been half the girls we went to high school with.

I can't imagine the hell parents must go through not knowing what happened to their child. I hope someone comes forward with some information.


I just recently found out about Deanies case because my neighbor
told me that police are and were in the past looking in pond behind my home.
I made this accocation that it might be her because of one of the 3 cold cases in my county.
So I looked into the internet on the case and was amazed on the swiss cheese of a case it was.
And I ask on the same time that Deanie went missing who were the three boys banging on the locked door that the janitor would not let in?
Why was a now deceased suspect turned psycic directed the police
to a site?
Who was the girl last seen with Deanie in the school halway?
Type dean pyle peters on the web and check it out for your self.
Nevermind all that the Police are now going to do it all again.
It's been 27 years now and Ihope they will get full coperation
this time.
I feel deeply sorry for the parepts of this girl.
Ihave a stepchild too and the support of that child's dreams are important!

A Herbert

I appreciate your site, but your facts are not totally correct. Mary took my son to his wrestling practice the year before and she did it in 1981 even after Deanie disappeared. It was not a last minute decision, we had made those arrangements a month before. I have never given up on finding out what happened to her and I never will. I really do appreciate your site; but please correct it.

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