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I get those in my books, too. Sometimes I'll go look up the other books on the previous borrower's list to see what they are like. I figure if we both got the same book then perhaps we have similar tastes. It's worked a few times for me but not always.


Mon dieu, I am not way that curious, although it can be provocative.

This is a true story. When I had the spiral-fracture of the tib/fib and a hole bunch of other boring-to-everyone-else things going on... dotz

I had a moment of thinking that I would take one of those cock-a-may-mee checks for 5 gees from that citibank and just cash it.

This was during one of my pain-med-drug-induced moments of despair. (I have always been into [aka aficionada of]) the liberry & they're books even when I was in that wheelchair. ( la-veritable- miserable-wuz-moi )

Okey and dokey, that was a demonstration of a tedious writing style. phew, it also wore moi plum out.

The rest of my true story after I give you the adulations and brax-brax-wo-pow-pow that you deserve. You are a prolific woman. It will also exponentially expand. There are no limits for you or for anyone who finds the energy of self and the sense that whatever it is that siezes your mind in a positive manner will throw you lightyears ahead.

Ho-hum, do you really want to hear the rest of my true story?

Sorry I axed.

Like it or not, as obnoxiously as possible, I will tell you that the stack of my liberry books with all those little receipts and pieces of pie and fingernails, the smear of guacamole and the icky-looking crusty deal on the best page of the book, distracts me and I flick it off with my fingernail and wonderwhy someone else didn'y do that weeks or months ago. Oh, I don't let sanitation deprive moi of the liberry experience. I vowed after divorce # 2 {when I was left with inherited libraries that after I shipped them all in categories to my children}that I would not purchase another book (unless I needed to write in it or it is an atlas or dictionary). That is when I became the maven of the blackgold liberry system of cally.

Stream of consciousness always sends us out into our by-products of imagination. Just shoot moi!

I shoulda done tedious footnotes instead of tedious parenthetical phrases.

Bless your bunz Lisa! Everyone loves a quitter. Toi sais what I mean by that.

You and Loretta have boosted my seratonin level.

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