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Have The T-Shirt

I've quit smoking so many times it isn't funny.

The first successful time lasted over 20 years and I quit cold turkey.

Five years ago I began smoking again and have tried unsuccessfully to quit several times. I tried patches, Welbutrin, nail biting.

About six months ago I began taking Chantix which is a wonder drug! I took it for not quite two months and have been smokefree, and easily smokefree.

Unfortunately, when I stopped the medication, I began craving sweets and have gained 15 pounds.

Now I need to work on that.

Best of luck to you.....it's hard to quit but don't we smell so much prettier now?


The Zyban dreams are normal and will go away. In the meantime, it is a strange trip that's for sure!
Also, I've been meaning to tell you, you will "want" a cigarette at times for a LONG time...maybe forever and that's normal too. It just happens less and less. There are times though when I still think "oh if I could just have one...."
But ya dont. It's as simple as that. :-)


Congrats Lisa!

I was a pack a day smoker for 15-years until I quit, cold-turkey six years ago. All the things you're describing are very similar to what I went through. Your attitude is exactly where it needs to be to beat this thing. Just wait and see how incredibly wonderful your body feels in one month. You'll wonder why you ever wasted a penny on those smokes! Congrats again!!!


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