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Yep, Lisa is CRABBY! I seem to be doing a little better but I've sub-ed "Dum Dums" for cigs and that along with the welbrutrin (sp?) seems to really help. I could murder a cigarette sure, but I'm not dying in the effort resist them. We can do it!

- M


hang in there. You can do this.


I think it's really cool that you're doing it together. That's a definite plus!


Mia is surviving, barely.
LOL! Every sound that she makes irratates Lisa, but Lisa is very calm when she asks Mia to STOP T! LOL

I was waiting for a slight blast yesterday when I stopped in but I was spared! LMAO!

Martin is fine, but that seems so typical for a man. Men ALWAYS have life easier than women. Just look at a man dieting---weight loss 10 lbs; woman weight gain of a pound. It's pathetic!

Awwww you both will survive and your health will improve ten fold!



Janey was being prescribed her 3rd inhaler...right after, we started seeing commercials for Penniman laser therapy... it cost $369...each... you go once... then go the next week again...then you have a 3rd session "if you need it" Today (10/29) marks 19 months without smokes! we made a pact to yell at each other for nothing if we felt the need, but not to take it personal... we started putting (and I mean direct deposit - cuz you know you can think of other things to do with it) $80/week - which is what we were spending at the time, in the bank... it has paid our taxes and even for part of a vacation... Janey kinda back slid the first week but who was i to say anything to someone who like you LOVED to smoke and had never quit before... her doctor is AMAZED and is recommending laser to her patients (figures if Janey could quit... IT HAD TO WORK)...one thing that helps sometimes is water in a bottle with a sport cap...for when you need that sucking motion ya know? and Martin PLEASE, switch to sugarless gum or ANYTHING sugarless! my dentist almost had a heart attack when I told him about the suckers! haven't had one since.... you two can do this... even now there is the odd time when it seems like i should have a smoke...and then i think of how sick/dizzy it would make me, and i just can't do it! it's the time thing, you will find what you need to get you past those moments, cuz sometimes you could even use them as an excuse for a break... just take the break.. believe me... you will wonder at not being stressed at finding yourself entering the now labled "smoke free environment" restaurants... it won't matter, and you won't have to get up and leave to go smoke... you can do this! if you want, i will check to see if you can use my last session on the laser?


Hang in there Lisa. It's a good thing you're doing, even if though it feels like torture. There's a free Nicorette gum offer at walmart.com. (They have lots of ever changing free samples, and free is always good if you ask me.) I know it will take a while to arrive in the mail, but hey-it's free. Keep on quiting, that's what I've heard, Now if I can only do the same with donuts!! (Did I mention it's free?) Take care, Kat


Just wanted you to know I was thinking about you! I hope the interview went well. Did you walk in, in your well ironed blouse, throw your purse down and say "Listen Bub, I just quit smoking and I'm in no mood to dick around. Just give me the damn job and nobody gets hurt."

And I have got to look up info on this laser Sandi is talking about. Where do they aim it? Up your nose? Down your throat? Your brainstem to kill the cravings? Being in a very Halloween mood, the mind just reels.


My friend Loretta just had the laser thing done today as well. It's an acupuncture technique but they use lasers instead of needles. Pretty nifty, eh?

I'm doing okay. We'll see how I do after Writer's Group tonight! I'll update then.


I liked Darr's comment: "Listen Bub, I just quit smoking and I'm in no mood to dick around. Just give me the damn job and nobody gets hurt."

I can totally picture Lisa doing that, too. Only in my version, she probably grabs the front of the interviewer's shirt, and kind of lifts him off the floor as she says it!

Lisa, I have a feeling your writing will have some great twists and turns while you tackle "The Beast".

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