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The ubiquitous oral fixation usually seems to be a decent tradeoff...for me it was Werthers or Peanut Butter nips. Of course having had a root canal this morning I'm wondering if that was a reasonable trade off. But a hard candy sure lasts longer than a piece of chocolate. Of course that being said, hush up and pass me that 72 ounce bag of Nestle Morsels from Costco...poppa needs a chocolate fix. ;-)


Ha, yep, I'm using lollipops. They have a stick you can hold and play with. That really seems to help.

- M


hang in there...you can do it...i ate hot tamales, the candy, and lemon drops...you will do fine, i know it...

Judy Miller

I learned something I did not know--that it only takes 3 days to flush out the nicotine? Well--that doesn't seem too bad. Of course the "rest is in your head" will be the hard part.

I will join you soon on this odyssey--of course by my quit date you will already be well on your way.

Please keep at it--don't be like me and put it off for another 20 years!!! It may be too late for me to get better health, but the desire is there--I want to live another 20 years!!!!!

At least the withdrawal hasn't effected your writing--still very good.


Waaaaay cool, Lisa! Hang in there!

If I can do it, you can too.


Hang in there, Lisa. As for your higher power---He's there, just pushing you forward!


I bet you are starting to get that nervous energy thing goin on...the things i got done during that stage...i hated the "sighs" part where your body just remembers the puffing...and goes for that extra air...just be kind to you and to martin...and don't kick the dogs... you are almost there! the first week is hard it gets a little easier every day... you two can do this...


It's getting easier everyday. I don't give it much thought now except when those habitual times come around. You know, reaching to check you have an ashtray, thinking about that post dinner cig, reaching for your pack half asleep first thing in the AM. These too shall pass I have no doubt. We are on the winning side of this thing so we'll be fine.

- M

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