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Cats don't do that.


this is soooo funny! i love it!

Judy Miller

I think I may have Boomer's mother taking up residence in my home. Tootz does many of the same things--I especially hate the "going through the wastebasket" thingie==leaving dog spit laden tissues, etc, for me to pick up and return to said basket. Barking at the mail lady's truck every day at 11:30 also is annoying. Tootz belongs to the man who took up residence in my once quiet home two years ago. My Red Eared Slider Turtle is so much quieter--she only swims along in her tank when I pass by.


That's our Boomer. He's also convinced he's a lap dog. A 40lb lap dog. On the other hand he's been very trainable, he can fetch, sit, shake, speak, lie down, all the usual dog tricks. In contrast Benny can sit, end of story. So yeah Boom-boom (his nickname that he also comes to)is a bit hyper and annoying he is also a total character and fun to be around and yes he is a very pretty little dog.

- M


Our dog will sit if she's tired. All I have to do is wait, and yell "SIT" at the right moment and it looks like she's doing it 'cause I said so. Otherwise she just looks at me like, "WHF?" and walks off.


Hey, that was a CAT house, maybe Boomer is Tabby brought back from cat heaven???!!!!

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