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I meant to DVR the VMAs in case there were any fabulous train wreck moments, but forgot. Supposedly they aren't going to run it ad nauseum this year. Was Britney a catastrophe? And to what degree? Worse than that book she and her mom wrote? Worse than the cooter shot? I wonder if it's on YouTube yet? Must check it out.


Oh My God! That is exactly what I was thinking. What I want to know is What the hell was she thinking?


What a shame, this Britney Spears business. She was given one of the biggest music/television events of the year to stage her comeback and she f'ed it up. F'ed it up bad. There were so many things wrong with her performance last night. First, the outfit. Who told her the sequined bra and panties was a good idea?!?!? Her figure--which at one time was splendid--has been marginal at best since she had her child. Don't get me wrong, she still had a pretty decent body, but not a "bra and panties on national television" body. A tad doughy, to say the least.

Second, the lip-syncing. While I despise the act of lip-syncing, I understand why it's often necessary. But, if you're gonna do it at least TRY to make it look like your actually singing. It was like she didn't even know the words to her own song (of course, she didn't write it, so that may have something to do with it). I've seen better lip-syncing on an english-dubbed kung fu movie.

Third, Britney's stage presence. Many claim Britney was stoned or drunk during the performance, which is why she moved like a cheerleader going through her routine in the wings before the big competition. Hell, I dance better than that and I haven't 'shaken it' since I was run off the dance floor at a friend's wedding six-years ago. Britney didn't know the routine, she was tentative in her actions and, frankly, she looked absolutely terrified up there. I read today she showed up to rehearsal more than three hours late on Friday, which explains her piss-poor performance. But, c'mon. She can move better than that!!!

I know this is a total rant. But, believe it or not, I actually like Britney and was hoping this would be the big comeback she needed to get her life back in order. It wasn't to be. It was difficult to watch. She can only hope that her new album (which is out in November) is an immediate hit or her career is over. Sad. Very sad, indeed.

moi, as usual

Honey, even in the best of times, this is a dumpy shorted out short girl who has never had the body for her taste in clothes. Please, she needs to have a keeper. Actually, she is stumpy as well as having no fashion sense and as well as having no judgement and as well has having alienated everyone who ever supported her. enuff awreddy. Her image is now a laughing stock and her chances of credibility have gone south. Mom and Dad and that loser husband k-what's his name will be in cargo de todo. She is toast.


I can't help but feel bad for her. I hope her loved ones are keeping a close watch on her.

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