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That sounds like a lot of fun, Lisa. We have free concerts at a park downtown here all summer. The parking is murder, though.

Years ago we went to a free concert in Old Sac to see Three Dog Night. That was pretty cool.


Our neighbors are serious Jimmy Buffett fans, Parrotheads through and through with all sorts of Buffettesque tiki bar decorations in their back yard.

Oy, the infamous Opera House renovations. I truly hope it happens someday, it's been talked about and half-ass attempted for decades. I used to hear about the drama quite often when the Parental Units were involved with the Historical Society. Speaking of which, I think there is some kind of memorial plaque for B at the Depot Museum, I have to remember to check that out sometime.

I don't remember who Brent Earl is, I'll have to dig out the yearbooks I guess.

You know, even if they thought they couldn't serve alcohol (could be permit issues and the like) they could sell other cold drinks and snacks with a portion of the proceeds going to the Opera House. Ooh, and t-shirts - "I helped save the Opera House" kind of thing.


Sorry I was a no-show. We went to see Harry Potter with the kids. I'll be up there for a show or two at some point though. Brent's dad Doc Earl was my Dr. until she retired a few years ago..man I miss that guy. Good old country no-nonsense kinda doctor!


They do sell pop and water and some items with the Opera House logo, like water bottles and hats.

I'm glad that this is the real deal about the renovation. They got a $100,000 cool cities grant for the first floor and that's done. Now they are shooting for the second floor.

It's also available for rent, so how cool would it be to have a party there?

Dr. Earl was my dad's doctor for years, now I made the connection!


Hi Lisa! I met you at PageJammers tonight and am now checking out your blog. Very cool!

By the way, I thought I'd share the URL for Livingston Arts Council, since you'd mentioned you hadn't come across their site yet:


For what it's worth ...

Have a good evening - see you at next month's meeting, hopefully.



Thanks for that link, Sarah!

We saw the Opera House during the Harry Potter party. Very very cool. Darr had some relatives who had their high school graduation ceremonies there and I bet Holly's husband did as well, since they are practically Founding Fathers of Howell.

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