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Well in all fairness I did used to follow the CART Indycar series very closely until I started racing FVs. Suddenly my weekends were taken up with being at the track and being in the garage getting the car ready for the track so I fell out of the habit of watching racing on TV. As for Danica Patrick, yep, she can run with the big dogs and made an excellent save at 160MPH in todays race. As for Marco well he has a case of what we used to call brain fade. He can't concentrate at the level he needs to late in the race. Age and experience will sort that out. Other than that he is a fast and talented driver. Nascar will NEVER be an issue in this house Lis, so rest assured in that knowledge. I am looking forward to an exciting Indycar season though and I can't wait to see the action on the road courses. - MG


OMG thank God I wasn't there!
Sports---unless it is the Red Wings playing ---- turn on a good movie!!!!!!!!

Judy Miller

Oh Dear One--for the last 2 years (since Fred appeared) I have had to endure NASCAR, but--it keeps them occupied for a few hours and that lets us have some free time--a good time to run to the store, take Mia to the park, take a nap, go for coffee with friends--something--ANYTHING to get away from that constant noise.

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