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Hell, if Paris Hilton can be escorted back to jail and be made to serve her original 45-day sentence, I believe the same is true of Karla and Paul (who is nothing to lose since he is serving a life sentence) if the Canadian police investigate enough and find a link there.

Maybe they just liked to collect news-worthy articles on cases like that, and there is nothing to it. Then again, I put NOTHING past those two.

Great article, Lis--vrey thorough :)


I think both Karla and Paul would have been perfect candidates for the death penalty. Pure evil.


Waste of air.


There is now a
[email protected]
for anyone who thinks Karla Homolka should be in prison with Paul. Come by and tell us why you think she's not, and what went wrong with this horrifying case.



Hey, I'm a high school student doing a study on this case for school and I've been using books, newspapers and the internet to gather research. Currently my portion is looking at the privilages that prisoners recieve during their jail time. Now I am well aware that Karla Homolka recieved a university degree while in prison. But I am hearing "rumours" that Paul Bernardo also earned a second degree while in Solitary confinement. Which from my understanding would be impossible as their restricted from all contact with the outside world excluding interaction with prison staff when necessary and that they also only get 1 hour a day to either shower or be under heavy guard out doors. Can anyone help me verify this claim regarding Bernardo?

Von Philip Schindler

My coments is 'one I do thhink paul bernardo killed elizabeth bain un intenchinly.What I Mean I think she agreed to go out with him that day and he thought he had scord however some time later on the date she told wanted try and path thing up with her boy friend.And then i think in bit of ragae at time paul hit with somthing hard a tire jack perhaps and then in panic trying to give her mouth to mouth but being unsecessful.And disposing in place nobudy would ever likly find it perhaps a lake or a heavly wooded area.After all he had everything to lose he new after piture came out he would be called in for questioning by metro police and couldt afford iny loose ends.Meaning he ever cought for the rapes and if they found the body of elizabeth bain and his found on remains to his rape vctims he new the police and crown atternys would in the that the was unintenial.


These two are the reason I believe in the death penalty. The fact that their victims families have to live with their horrific memories of what happened to their daughters is a crime in itself but every time these two move or speak it makes headlines and puts the families in more pain and grief. Why is this allowed? Ending their lives will end the media's fascination with them both.


I dont know how Karla was able to have a child and keep it., I find that to be child endangerment... if she was capable to kill her own sister what makes anyone think she wouldnt kill her own child.... something is seriously wrong with our justice system..

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