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Stupid narrow minded bitch. There are no lines, just people. Typical Lawyer. My daughter is one of the cutest, sweetest, little girls I ever met. She is not one thing or the other. She's mine and I have never loved another human more and she makes me SO proud every single day. I get so sick of this bullshit. Mia is ours, she is just like us in every way, we love her SO much and as her parents it's totally up to us to screw her up in our own way. We don't have a college fund yet but we do have a therapist fund. Guess what? That has nothing to do with her colour and everything to do with the screwed up people in her life. Us, her Grandparents, our friends, etc. Those are the things that are going to screw her up. Not the colour of her skin, why? Simple... No one cares. LOL. This idiot woman sees issues where there aren't any and doesn't see her own shortcomings.

Silly bitch.

- MG


depending where you live..you may have a reality check when she starts school... and you can go into denial...but I work in a school system..and even though i don't work at a school...i still hear about it..which should tell you something about the small minded people here...


I love you so very much Sandi and we see you FAR TOO LITTLE. But honestly, if it ever comes to that, I will relocate my family back to Europe. For reasons that are obvious to the more enlightened people in the world.

- MG


I hear you Martin...how ironic that we have that little statement "give me your tired...opressed.. blah blah blah" just so we can persecute them... Sometimes Canada looks good and Janey could actually become a citizen, she is the only one in her family NOT born there, but Canada would grant her dual citizenship even though yet again the US does not recognize it? As if turning your back will make it go away...

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