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I wanna see!

I wish I had big curly 80s hair. I always wanted big, curly 80s hair. Even before the 80s.

Instead, I have straight, flat wispy 70s hair.



Welcom to the big hair woild. It is a mixed blessing as each time I shampoo, I don't ever know which conditioner will keep it relatively tame. I wish there was still that old time Tame Creme Rinse. Yes, I am older than dirt and shorter and fatter, but my hair just keeps getting bigger. My teeth are getting smaller and my aspe is at it's max!


I'm a huge fan of big hair. Mine needs a little prompting with volumizing shampoo and mousse, but hey.

I've always preferred it long. Bring on the AquaNet!


well, at your birthday party i was letting my hair grow out... and you've seen the stages.('cept you were never exposed to the perm stage 7 years!) what was it? collar length when we met? went to waist length, donated 24 inches to locks of love... went to a brush cut... let it grow out... what? 2 years now...and what have i done? yesterday i buzzed it again... yep, #3 blade on them clippers... but you know what? its so easy and summer is on the way... (while discussing the situation - i was called and picked for jury duty this wednesday) i decided that day that I was gonna cut my hair, even told the members of the jury that i would "look different" the next day ... co-workers are saying i should be charged with some sort of "bait and switch" in case i was picked because i looked like this soft, girly girl...and now i just may be back to my dyke stage ya know? but... i am wearing all my makeup and my frilly blouses and such...and there is just no way to disguise these protuberances on my chest... they are just tooo obvious... and Lisa... I was bald til i was 3 ... mom taped ribbons in my hair because everyone said what a cute boy i was... ? now i have all these hair gels/mousses/sprays clamps, barretts, elastics, headbands...all implements to grow out hair.. that will be stashed until such time i want to make another attempt.. and i just last summer bought these really cool swirly things to put in my LONG hair... and they never made it... o well.. i'm back down to only using one towel again.. and my hair dries before i take one step to the sink from the shower.. now.. i must make sure not to burn the top of my ears this summer!



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