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i tried out for cheerleading to yaz! love them!!


As always, I have to comment on the mere mention of one of my favorite 80's bands! Alison Moyet had (and still has) one of the most soulful female voices ever to grace a piece of vinyl. I say vinyl, because I had Upstairs At Eric's in the 12" flat, black and circular form. Still have it and still love. State Farm is truly brilliant!
"...puts the liquor in your pocket and the powder up your nose."



Yeah Allison Moyet..wow..blast from the past! She was cool...very unique.
Thanks for the trip in the wayback machine!
(we'd have rocked out well together back in the day!)


yea...i have a basement full of lps i won't give up, and just for good measure, i have a player with a good needle and a spare, and hooked up to speakers! you just can't get the good ones anymore... had been trying for years to find out who did "the clown died in marvin gardens" lost that one in a divorce... FINALLY after years of checking with those who "should know" and all the web sites galore...FOUND IT... (cuz you know I could picture the jacket cover)... Beacon Street Union...and Lisa... you were barely born.......but... right there with teegarden and vanwinkle... richie havens...all the ones from the early/late 60's...they just take you back don't they? I freaked when I saw YAZ as a pill too! like you said...20 somethings will never know...


It used to be SO cool to listen to Yaz. I mean, you were SOMEBODY if you got into Yaz. Can't believe they're calling the pill that. That's as wrong as Wendy's using a Violent Femmes song as theme music for one of their commercials...

P.S. Lisa, you really have a twisted sense of humor. Really.


Yaz? I'm on it, too. I had linked it up in my head to the band and then thought to myself - friggin' kids will just think Yasmin Bleeth had a pill named after her. ~laughs~


Okay, let's try this again. Everything freezes up when I try to comment on your blog lately. Hmm, trying to tell me something Broad?

Anyway, just all kinds of wrong naming birth control Yaz. Strange. I once wrote a short story where the main characters had a code phrase for if ever they needed to warn the other that they were in deep trouble. The phrase? Upstairs at Eric's. I always thought it was a great album title. Yeah, I said it. Album.

Adding to Michelle's comment about Wendy's using the Femmes, I still can't believe a cruise line is using Lust For Life. Did nobody in the marketing department take a look at the actual lyrics? And they actually use the line "Here come's Johnny Yen again." He ain't talking about a yen for a cruise vacation. But hey, it's a kicky beat, it must be happy!

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