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To begin with Lisa, you must understand that dreams or in your case NIGHTMARES are just that. Far cry from reality.
Mia is very protected, very watched and with eagles eyes at that.

All of the crimes that are going on today bother me also. I have two granddaughters and one more on the way. I would not allow anyone who hurt them to stand trial---and I am not a violent person.

Lisa, take a deep breath and just breathe SLOWLY---see reality the way it should be. You have Martin, he'll protect you and Mia with his life--this I know. You have Margaret and Peter--they would protect Mia with their lives! They would not let anything happen to you. And you have yourself and you know that you would protect Mia with your life.
And you have the power of prayer and God. Believe, your destiny has already been written. God gave you an ability to dissect crimes, write about crimes and hold us all interested to the point of involvement. Without your taking on these cases alot of us would not be as interested in them as we are.

I want you to take a "leave" from the crime element because I think you need a break and then when you feel alive again--hit it again.

Lets talk about LIFE!


Lisa, you can allow a guest blogger from time to time when you need a break.

Plus, Spring has sprung! Time to wander the streets of Brighton with a camera.


Not in Michigan, Ronni! We had an inch of snow yesterday, even if it is mostly all melted today.

It's all gray and brown around here but a picture blog entry is a good idea!


Thank you, Beth, that was very encoraging and very good advice that I will heed.

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