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So O.K. the article states that S. Grant, the husband, was not "arrested but ORDERED out of his house." Wait a minute, you mean to tell me that IF the husband was not a suspect, then WHAT RIGHT WOULD ANY COURT HAVE TO ORDER a person OUT of their home IF THEY WEREn't a person of interest.

I think that the cops have suspected S Grant since the very beginning.

This whole investigation is beginning to PISS me off. This woman has been missing since the 9th of February. The husband that LAST person known to see her alive. What did he do with the body??? That's MY question. How incompetent ARE the police??? There has to be blood somewhere. There has to be clues somewhere, this guy doesn't look smart enough to commit that perfect murder.

And yet even though he is suppose to be innocent until proven guilty--his wife is missing, the babies do not have their mother, and Tara Grant's right were violated by whoever, and I think the husband did it. He aided in her lack of ability to come back home. He has to be as GUILTY AS SIN!


They found Tara Grant's torso in the garage of their home!!!!!!!!!!!!

Now they can't find S. Grant!


Police Believe They Found Missing Mom Torso In Garage



So--police have found the torso of Tara Grant in the garage of the couple's Washington Township home. Of course, Stephen Grant is missing---borrowed a friend's truck and skipped town. Very, very sad ending, but one none of us should be suprised with. My guess? Stephen Grant will take his own life before he allows authorities to take him into custody. The saddest part of this case is, of course, the children. My prayers go out to them and Tara Grant's family.


I hate this kind of thing: assumed guilty and tried in the media.

Then they find the missing woman, or parts of her, and the husband goes missing. I guess that shows what I know.


What a horrible ending to this case. I think we were all prepared for Tara to be deceased, but not hacked up into pieces. Good God.

Yes, that SG was quite a catch. May he rot.


Just read about the torso find, being local you are going to get much more info than I will, so do pass on any and all updates. He didn't report her missing for 4 or 5 days, right? What a moron to keep her body in the garage. Don't get me wrong, I'm glad he's a moron so he was caught and Tara's family will now know what happened. I hope they find him soon...alive, so he can be tried and punished. Those poor kids, what a senseless, needless tragedy for them.


No wonder the guy looked like a thyroid patient(bug-eyed). He was commiting a heinous crime probably a piece at a time and knowing his day was near. I hope he hears her telltale heart everytime he closes his bug-eyes to sleep.


They found his truck and think he's in a state park in Emmit county.


It sounds awful what has happened and the children will probably be the big losers here. But there are two sides to this story and I don't particularly sympathize with Tara's cheating exploits either. Not only did she not consider the implications of her actions to the relationship with her husband, but her children as well. Her husband obviously still loved her otherwise he would not have gone off the deep end like he did. Her callous actions in my opinion have ruined many lives as a result.


Stephen Grant has been captured! Police found him at a campground in Emmett County, near Mackinaw City. Apparently the jackass is suffering frostbite and hypothermia and is hospitalized. Macomb County sheriff'd deputies will return him to southeast Michigan as soon as he recovers. This is the best possible ending to this story. Now the family of Tara Grant will learn the final details of her life and hopefully find some peace. Had he taken his own life, there would've been so many questions.


Lantor, I don't recall seeing any evidence that Tara cheated other than what her lying husband, who is a lying liar who lies and OH a MURDERER said.

But it's completely acceptable that he wanted his ex-girlfriend to give him a sponge bath, right?


Go Lisa!



And to think he would end up being found at one of my summer hotspots. Scary.

Stephen Grant Hospitalized For Hypothermia, Frostbie



You've got to be kidding me, Lantor.

First of all, there isn't any evidence that she was cheating. Only the word of the person who is now under arrest for her murder.

Second, your attempt to "blame the victim" is pathetic.


Lisa.. I read in a news article that it was a common rumor around her office that she was having an affair with a co-worker. Also, I read that Stephen had gone through her computer with keylogging software he had installed, and intercepted letters between Tara and this co-worker.

So Stephen, and Tara's co-workers all believed she was having an affair, coming to these conclusions independent of each other. Now, it is possible she wasn't as there is no 100% proof yet, but there seems to be enough smoke that there is probably a fire here imo.

As for the sponge bath part, well frankly I feel a little bit sorry for him. At first he sounds like a jerk in that whole correspondence but in my opinion what is below the surface is not some kind of philandering Casanova, but someone who has been hurt badly by someone he loves and is reaching out for anything to take its place.


Link, Lantor?

I still haven't read any proof she was having an affair and so what if she was? That justifies what happened to her?

And no, sorry, Stephen Grant is not some object of pity. He is a monster. This is a man who killed his wife and cut her into pieces.


As far as the dismemberment, as Tina Turner says, what's love got to do with it?"

Just like OJ, he loved her so much.


I can't believe what I'm reading! Since when is murder and dismemberment understandable because he MIGHT have gotten his feelings hurt?

Jeez. I've been hurt badly before- I cried over it, I didn't kill anyone.

Oh, and keylogging software? Can we say "controlling"? There's red flags all over this guy.


Yeah, poor pathetic guy got his feelies hurt so he was justified in murdering and hacking up his wife's body. GMAFB!

I read another comment elsewhere about how he was a poor stay at home dad (WITH an au pair) and he just lost it after having to take the kids to soccer practice, etc, while his wife was working out of the country.



There is this misconception that SG was a stay at home dad. He wasn't. He worked at his family's machine shop in Sterling Heights. They had a series of au pairs. This is not a guy who was wiping cacky bums, making PB and J and singing Barney.


So, Lantor, are you a member of some religious sect that advocates the killing of women suspected of cheating on their husbands?

It never fails, does it? In every single one of these cases of spousal murder, there is always somebody who has to come in, blaming the victim.

Tell em, Lantor, if HE had been found hacked up in the garage, would you have been advocating for HER?


Bah. Never mind Lantor. S/he is just someone who likes to stir it up. Probably is a regular CTV poster who was banned and is looking for a new venue.

Fact! A woman was murdered, then dismembered and her body parts have been scattered hither and yon.

Fact! Her "loving" husband ran as soon as a search warrant was issued.

There are alternative remedies for infidelity - IF such thing even existed.

Go back to CTV under another hat, Lantor. You have their mentality!


If Lantor is a female, she is probably one of those who have fallen in love with this pervert and will write to SG in prison.

If Lantor is a male, he is another Narcissitic warp-oid. I hope that any females in his circle will realize the potential danger he would represent.

If Lantor is gay/bisexual/trans-sexual/any other version of gender identification, such a comment shows 1) ignorance, 2) damaged psyche, or 3) callous, cold heartless loathing of women.


According to Lantor, SG must have really loved Tara to do what he did.

Yes, Lantor, he loved her to death.

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