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Let me get this straight.

She comes home on the 9th after a gruelling week at work, they have an arugement,she leaves that same night at 11:15pm in a dark sedan? He calls to report her missing on the 14th? What am I missing? Bueller?


And he didn't report her missing to the cops until the 14th, although he claims to have contacted family and friends.

The whole car thing is a red herring. Metro Cars and Checker Cars are very common for airport runs here and they are very obvious. All big black Lincolns and the like with discreet yet distinctive marks.

And they all keep records and none of them have a record of a pick up for her.

Also, it was mentioned in one article that she normally drove her own car to the airport and left it in long-term parking.


Hmmm. What was the make and model of her car?

Was in at the residence when he reportedly said she left in the dark sedan parked at the end of the driveway?


Her car was still at her home.

No mention of what type car she drove. No activity on her credit cards or cell phone or if those were in her home or not or if her purse was also missing.

I would imagine with the type of job she had, she was pretty tied to her cell phone.


Interesting. Who is watching the kids?

What a nasty man! sneaking around in your spouse's computer is horrible, IMO.


She would have wanted to see her children when she arrived home from the Airport. I wonder if she did?

I think one of the articles I read said she got home at around 9:00PM. On a Friday night there would be no reason for those children to be in bed.

When her sister stops getting answers that make sense from Stephen, she will find it hard to support him publicly, any longer.


Guilty! I called that word the minute I saw the ASSHOLE on TV! He is as guilty as the day is getting longer!

I hope they fry him. I mean come on, since when is it acceptable to have a fight with your wife and then kill her--Scott Peterson reborn!


Strange that he has called himself the No 1 suspect, before LE has even mentioned suspects.

He would be clinging to every last hope that she is alive, if he was innocent. There can only be one reason he called himself a suspect. He killed her!


Sounds highly fishy to me...he took 5 days before he reported her? Not buying it. That sounds as unbelievable as having your sister-in-law go over to your house to retrieve a fax all so she can discover her own sister's dead body. WHAT IS THE MATTER WITH THESE PEOPLE????? Do they honestly think they are going to get away with this kind of stuff?


They think the rules don't apply to them.


Tara is a cousin of mine. A lot that has been reported has the media's twist on things. Please try to remember that. Her husband does LOOK guilty but that doesn't mean he had anything to do with her disappearance. Because none of us have been in his shoes we can't say how we would react. I hope and pray every day that she is found alive but god forbid she's not, for the sake of those children I HOPE he is not involved because if he is, those two children have no parents. :(


He is guilty otherwise he would be taking a lie detector test and letting the police, detectives, and anyone else in his home to search for clues. It is only when you have something to hide that you choose not to do what is reight.


Do you realize that he HAS let the police search? The day she was reported missing the police were in the house for several hours. I have no idea why he own't let them back in now but does "planting evidence" ring a bell? It could happen. If he's not involved, he certainly doesn't want his children left parentless because of poor police work...and poor police work happens every day. I am in no way saying that the police work in this case is or is not up to par...


Her husband in an email to his old girlfriend, spoke of himself as not having a conscience. This makes me wonder. He seems more absorbed in what is happening to him than what has happened to his wife. His behavior, in my opinion, is indicative of a guilty man.


well atleast we all know now that he is guilty and he is going to get what he deserves. the nerve of this man to kill his own spouse. and think of the children who are now parentless. and to think that families go to stoney creek and have a good time. now all i think of that place is disgusting and riveting by the fact that a man could do that to someone. DISGUSTING


This man is clearly guilty, of first degree murder they have found a womans torso in the garage, the case is solved.

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