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There are worse things than being alone, one of which might be getting sucked back into that.

I met my birth family at one time, and they were very nice, but we didn't keep in touch.

My adoptive family ws so scattered that, when Mom died, Dad didn't even have addresses for her surviving siblings to notify them.

I have one cousin in England, with whom I sporadically keep in touch.

I have my husband and my kids. It's enough.


I am like that with "The One Thing" by INXS. It reminds me of riding around with Darr in Brenda's car listening to that tape endlessly!!!! My big hot-rollered hair blowing in the wind, with my two oxford cloth shirts on, my Calvin's and my topsiders without socks.


Lisa, I don't live in MI any more (left in 79), and I havn't seen Brighton since maybe 1949, so I'm having a hard time visualizing 5 o'clock traffic there. Please say it aint so! My grand parents had a cottage there on Appleton Lake. My dad had to turn off the main road onto a grass path about a half mile to reach that cottage. That beautiful unspoiled piece of country is the single most tranquill place I have in my memory bank. I also love early MoodyBlues, ever listen to the Odessa album?


I used to love that damn Adam Ant video! I also recall the video for Desperate But Not Serious and Stand And Deliver.

Me? I had the Kevin Bacon-Footloose hairdo, jeans (ripped, of course), Alarm t-shirt and either red Chuck Taylors or black and white checked Vans.


Huey Lewis does it for me. I hear Huey and I am transported back to the 80's, driving around with Angie in that enormous maroon Oldsmobile, listening to her absolutely get every lyric wrong. ~laughs~ Funny. I'd pay to have another moment like that in time.

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