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There is more to this than meets the eye. He is certainly hiding something. But I'm not convinced that he murdered her. I think the story will turn out to be one of those "stranger than fiction" stories. I guess we'll see if I'm right.

- Martin


I still think that while Tara is surely missing, she will not be coming back. I heard the interview and I am glad she is not in that house anymore--she may end up leaving in a dark sedan.

I still think that bug-eyed Steve is as guilty as the day is long. I wonder if Steve is a fisherman? Why would Tara leave and not talk to her kids? I just can't buy this and I hope the police don't either. Why would a woman who was devoted to her babies leave them with the likes of this man. I do not like him. I watched an interview with him and he did not blink the whole time. It was so strange.


He has NEVER phoned LE to find out if they have any leads. Huh!

No more needs to be said! The man is guilty as sin.


My name is Karen and I am Stephan's cousin. Stephan and I grew up in different countries, me being from Canada. Therefore not as close as some familes. But let me tell you, I know Stephen who is loving, caring, giving man, is deciated to his wife and chidren When you listen and read all the media reports you need to know that YOU ARE NOT GETTING ALL THE DETAILS! They give you just enough so you dont turn the channel. They have sensationalized everything negative for their own agendas. People should not pass judgement without all info! Stephen is in hell trying to maintain some sort of normal routine for the kids. All we all can do is pray for Tara's safe routine! So please say an extra prayer for her. Thank you


Karen, do you have an explanation for Stephen not handing over the home computer?

Is there any reason why Stephen hasn't been in touch with LE to see if they have any leads?

This loving, caring, giving man who should be throwing caution to the wind in his desperation to find his wife, the mother of his children....where is the man you have just described? Maybe, you are the only person who sees 'that' type of man, in Stephen?! I think so.

He saw her last. Tara getting into a dark sedan, came from him. Tara unpacking and repacking her bags came from him. Please!

So, what did Stephen give you as a reason for Tara not taking her car, as she would normally? Is he trying to insinuate that she ran off with another man?

I will pray for Tara, but my fear is there will be no safe return.


Okay, I have just read that Stephen said Tara arrived home after the children were in bed.

On a Friday night? No way!

After Tara has been gone for 4 or 5 days? No way!

The excitement, alone, would have kept those children from sleeping.

The man is a lying liar who lies.


Karen - If you are innocent as you say Steve is, why is he being so secretive about so many things. Why does he not share with the police his home, the computer, anything that would help. HE IS MAKING HIMSELF LOOK GUILTY WITH NO HELP FROM ANYONE

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