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Most definitely. That's exactly what it reminded me of.


He's only talking to the cops through his attorney via fax but he's giving interviews?

Also, he's hired a private investigator.


From the article above:

"His truck was held for five days."

Was that due to the fact that he was arrested for another offense, or did he give them permission to search it? He did let the evidence techs inside the home.


I love it when they start giving interviews and start mixing up their stories later on. The SP trainwreck started that way. Although all of the other inconsistencies and lies sank his ship.


Taking lessons from OJ, I'm sure...


Yip! When 'suspects' start blabbing about the missing person making arrangements at a paticular time on the phone, and LE find out there were 'NO' phone calls made at that time.....well, dotz!

Sgt FG

Maybe before getting his neck in the noose maybe you should research how many missing persons there are in the country that dont make the news. And why dont show up on channel 5 at 5. They call and say hey I left on my own. It happens. Scott Peterson was a huge piece of crap on the face of this planet and he deserves death. But this guy hasnt been charged yet. Until proven guilty maybe you could give him the chance to prove his inocence. Just my opinion. Thanks. Hope she turns up well and happy wherever she is.

Sgt FG

Sorry didnt see the link. News I had was a little old. Maybe i defended him to soon. Your story never changes when your telling the truth.

Sgt F

I was wrong. He is a killer. I hope they fry his ass.


I think that Stephen Grant is very depressed and he should be put in jail for life. I think people who kill people then they should be put in a mental ward first then in jail.. I love how the media covers the stories

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