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I will so totally stick around! So sorry about the valley girl stuff just now, but I am exactly where you are. I want to get out of health care and do something else. That feeling where you are not sure where to point your compass is a bit nauseating, but I am a firm believer in things working out as they are supposed to. If you enter the realm of health care, I guarantee you will never be bored again. Every day is completely different and you use every last inch of you mind, body, and soul...it is a privileged place to work as it gives you loads of perspective on life.


Does it ever get any easier? I'm 46, and I still don't know what I want to do, aside from making lots of money. Do I ever have to grow up?


So, DO IT! All you need is for you and Martin to each have some sort of computer work-from-home job, and you can do all sorts of things!


I went back to school when I was 40. By the time I was 51 I had my MBA. I wish I could afford to go to law school. I think that would be the most fascinating thing to do. Go back Lisa---you will have your degree in no time. Alot of college courses are taken online at home, in your own time. Like after Mia goes to bed you sit in the computer room and go to class.
GO BACK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Lis, go for it. I too am feeling that whole "What am I doing with my life? Which direction do I want to go in? What it best for my husband and son? I do like my job, but being a salesperson in the beer and wine industry I can't help but feel that I am not doing much good. Actually, probably more harm than good.
So, I have had a few interviews lately, for two different companies, and am hopefully, most likely going to get an offer from one of them. Yep, a little less pay, but definately more time with my son and Mr. Robinson. AND it will most likely be far more personally rewarding than selling alcohol!

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