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I think it's so cool that we are still friends with people we've known for such a long time. It's even cooler that we found each other again and chose to be friends again, rather than just hang on to old friendships out of habit.

So what guy have you been hanging around with you've known since 7th grade? You didn't mention that before. Speaking of the like, we still need to find KP. This is ridiculous. He didn't fall off the face of the earth, I'm sure.

I hope the move went well. I've been terrible about emailing, we had much illness in our house. Baby Boy almost ended up in the hospital, it was very scary.

See ya, Broad, I'll email soon! Let me know what's up!


Read my mind once again....so this is what our parents and grandparents were alluding to way back when. I'm not 40 yet, but will be in a couple of years, and I am NOT ready for it. You, on the other hand, don't look a day over 32. :)


I'm feeling maudlin and sentimental tonight, and I'm not in touch with anyone from my youth. We moved so often, that losing people became a habit.

I envy your long friendships.

Darr, sorry to hear that baby boy has been sick. I hope he's on the mend.


Thanks, Vero. He is definitely on the mend. He actually lost three pounds in a week! But now he's eating like a horse and has probably gained it all back already.

And Lis, as for you not looking a day over 32, I still see us all as 15-17 year olds. At least it's legal for us to drink alcohol now, and there is no homework to be done. Not that I ever did mine.


AHHHHHH to be 40 again and to be able to remember what my name is, when asked!
I think that no matter how old you are you are never grown up until you have lost both of your parents.

I think you're great, Lisa, and as thin as you are you have a long way to go before you need to worry about what you eat!


I was told that the ego stops developing when you start using drugs. I was 13 when I started and 33 when I stopped. I'm 47 now so I actually feel like 27 on the inside but the body rebels. Anyway, I think the soul is eternal. I like that song by Elvis Costello, Veronica. At'el be me.


I just can't think of you as 40? It doesn't seem possible, you've got the fountain of youth thing going on.

I really do believe there's some truth to the ol' adage 'you're as young as you feel.' With that said, I'm 19 (at least in my head!)

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