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Amway! That's awful!

I sold Sarah Coventry jewelry for a while, back in the day. The selling wasn't so bad--it was the meetings where we sang hymns to Sarah that got me.


I couldn't stand Sarah Coventry jewelry. I did sell Avon and Amway. Avon for about 2 years and Amway
for a whole month. I hate Amway.

As for Jenn Granholm----OMG please send her back to Canada! Maybe take Hilary Clinton and DeVos with her. Then we could elect Robin Williams as out next Governor. I'd rather have Mork/Mrs Doubtfire as our governor than any of the other choices! LOL


Good entry, Lisa. Five months ago, I would've bet the bank on Granholm winning another term. But--15 EPIC/MRA polls later, she's barely clinging to a six-point lead! What happened, Jen?!?!? I'm sure it's got everything to do with jobs, jobs and jobs! Michigan voters have been told for so long that it's her fault unemployment is hovering around seven-percent, that they actually believe it. C'mon, people. General Motors closing plants and leaving thousands unemployed is not Jennifer Granholm's fault. You might as well blame her for the resurgence of the Taliban, North Korea's nuclear test and the Amish schoolgirl shootings. GM closed plants because GM hasn't designed a decent car in 10-years and because it pays it's workers waaaaay too much! The best thing about this year's Governor's race? The political ads. I can't recall a better batch of ads leading up to a gubernatorial election. The latest DeVos ad, where his face slowly transforms into George-W-Bush. Brilliant. It doesn't matter who wins next month...unemployment will still be there, public education will still faulter and people will still bitch about affirmative action. Like I said, Good entry Lisa.



Lis, good post and much food for thought. However, did you see the first debate? Although I have not made up my mind yet on whom to vote for, it is quite apparent that Dick DeVos needs help/more prep when it comes to debates...STAT.


UGH! I remember my parents sold Amway when I was a kid. We made a pilgrimage to Amwayland (AKA Ada, Michican) to see the wonderous company the DeVos family created. I remember being really bored. I was 10, afterall. It wasn't Disneyland, that's for damn sure!


MisfitHausfrau, that sounds like a little slice of hell. Ain't much in Ada to see.

T, I agree with you, it's the typical "spin" go Neg shit I've seen for years in Michigan pollytics. I wonder if DeVos has The Mikes (Hudome & Murphy) doing his ads? That is their forte, Go Neg.

It's not as if Michigan has been booming in at least a decade.


Lisa -

Great blog entry! Ahhh's, I remember the days when I'd run into you at all of those fundraisers and dinners. I rarely go anymore. My two best friends died last year and they were my wonking buddies, so it's lonely mocking and ridiculing politicans nowdays. ~grins~

As for Jenny, I found it interesting when I was on Mackinac Island last year and even the taxi drivers can't stand her and talk about what a snot she is. As for Dick - he's married to Betsy. What else do I need to know? Personally, I'm going with a write-in candidate this year and Lisa, my girl - your name looks damned easy to spell!

Viva le resistance! Power to the people! Peace, love and pine trees!

Kristi a/k/a your faithful lieutenant governor with the kick-ass red patent leather spike heels and purple suit


We could really kick some ass and effect some changes, Kristi, in a non-partisan, well dressed sort of way.

I feel guilty when I don't vote for anyone but seriously, both of them are awful.


Well if the plan is to run Lisa then I'm finally upset that I can't vote! Dammit!

- Martin


You should have thought of that when you committed that felony and were convicted, MG.

Losing the right to vote is a major deterrent to crime, ya know.


Ha! What a witty rattle you are to be sure Lis!

- Martin

Tom S.

Spot on, Lisa. Blaming Jen-Jen for all of the current problems is as silly as criticizing DeVos for opening a factory in China. I can't remember when we've been presented with two worse candidates than this pair. They are even worse than Kerry and Bush in 2004. I will vote, as I always do, and I'll hold my nose and pick one. But I weep for the future if this is the "best" the two parties can come up with....


Why thank you Tom!

No matter which lever I pull, I'm going to be cringing.

Too bad there is not a visible third party candidate. They could't compete with the ads but with a lot of press and a good grass roots movement, well, they might not win but I think the volume of votes would be suprising.

No matter who I vote for, I'm going to cringe. A lot.

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