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If that spreads to here, and it probably will, I will be all over the schools in which it happens.

A kid is not allowed to use a Christmas carol for a lip sync project, and yet these kids who have no idea of what it's like to be contemplating an abortion are encouraged to protest it?

Does anyone besides me think these children are being used?


Very interesting, Lisa. I'm not so sure I disapprove of students having a voice and expressing an opinion without fear of punishment. But--this Wendy Day needs a swift kick in the ass for being, what sounds like, the instigator of the protest. It's one thing for a student group to organize a protest--but, for a board member and parent to rouse the troops? I say recall her!!!! Then, give her a swift kick in the ass. I've never met Wendy Day but I can tell I wouldn't like her.

I also agree that someone needs to organize a pro-choice rally. But--who knows? Maybe the entire Howell School District student body is pro-life. After nearly 10 years in Livingston County, I gotta say most people I encounter lean far to the Right.

It'll be interesting to see how the local rag covers the event.

Marlene Whelan

I can't believe this is actually going to take place at a public school!

In fact, I can't imagine a catholic school allowing this.

Is Wendy Day not sensitive enough to have compassion for the few girls in her school who may have been forced to have abortions and are struggling with grief everyday?

This type of demonstration (pro or choice) does not belong in schools.

Makes me wonder, what other political issues is she going to force upon them?


This woman is a nutball and should not be allowed to work with, for, or around children period.

- Martin


I have no problem with children getting a chance to voice their opinions, but masking all of that in the name of "free speech" and using these kids to spread this message is lame without the other side being allowed to do so, as well. I wonder if a group of students wanted to stand up for pro-choice legislation, how would that go over? Probably not too well. It just seems incredibly biased as the fight for women's rights is going to the dogs...


I agree with Martin 100%!
This is gross!

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