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Much more importantly, hockey season started today! Okay, technically yesterday, but the Red Wings and Rangers both had their first games today, so that's all that really matters. Sadly the Wings lost, but my pretend hockey boyfriend Jaromir scored seconds into the Rangers game to start their march toward victory - and my secondary pretend hockey boyfriend Brendan Shanahan had two goals for them as well. Growing up in the mitten, one must love hockey. Around here it's not such a big thing, first town I've lived in that isn't rabid for hockey. People will be surprised and say "Oh, you're a hockey fan?" and I just look at them like they are out of their minds and say "I grew up an hour from Detroit. Yeah, I like hockey." Dunderheads.


Hate to break it to ya' Lisa, but not everyone is an MSU or U of M fan. Go Irish!!!!! Actually, I root for MSU when they play Michigan, but only because I know too many U of M grads and, boy, they're a pompous bunch!



and yes, i have ties.... my ex....and a lot of alumni friends.........


My brother is a big U of M fan, but you're correct---NEVER went there. I, however as you know, am a Spartan grad and faithful fan. But once again, I don't know WHAT has happened to them throughout football season...bring on the basketball!

Tom S.

Yep, typical Spartan fan, obsessed with Michigan. Maybe if you had a real rival like we do in Ohio State, you wouldn't fret about us and our fans so much. You want to know why people with no association to either school pick Michigan to be fans of? Because they have been more successful. If you have no reason to pick one over the other, why not pick the program that's less likely to dissapoint you?

Umm, was that a Notre Dame fan talking about being smug? Wow... ;-)

As far as this game, who knows? MSU choked against Notre Dame and looked awful last week against a very bad Illinois team, but there's so much emotion involved in this game, it could go either way. Whatever the Spartans have left, Michigan will get the best of it. Flip a coin.

One last thing: 65-28-5. That's Michigan's record against MSU. Enjoy the game!


I'm with Darr on this one. I never got into stick and ball sports much on either side of the pond. I come from a racing family. However, I do like the Redwings!

- Martin


Bob Seger first
Red Wings second
Gene Simmons Family Jewels and Dog The Bounty Hunter tied for third place.
Real Life Murder Mysteries fourth
Disasters and Comedies tied for fifth place.

Sorry, Lisa, Football to me is a DRAG! I hate it, but I will route for MSU and then during the OSU/Michigan game---go Wolverines.

Until then I will get another cup of coffee and pack pack pack!

OH BTW---last night i bought some White Tea flavored with Island Mango and Peach------KICK BUTT TEA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


As truly one of the few childhood friends of yours (kindergarden counts, true?)I have to say you've become biased in your comments & taste (lol)!! Clearly, anyone in the "know" clearly sees UofM is the obvious choice in football and you AND only you would I allow to make the "redneck" comment. I challenge all redneck wanna be's to apply. I think we all know what I'm saying...state might be tough football, tough exams, tough cows, and tough entrance but nothing compare to the U...there's a reason they keep getting their asses handed to them (oops, sorry green fans, nothing personal) So, my dear friend we can continue to agree to disagree here and for the record my daughter continues the tradition and has a 3.8 GPA...you know I had to add that (lol). As always, much love from the maze & blue fans!!

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