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The children are our responsibility. Wherever they come from, Madonna or whoever is bound to be giving them a better life than the one they would have had, left to their natural environment.


Adoption is not for everyone.

Celebrities have been adopting children for a long time. Look at Joan Crawford. Scary.

I think people who can afford to do so, should adopt as many children as they can and then stay home and take care of them. Care is equated with love by most children. I'm not sure how much attention the children of actors are getting.

The world will have 20 million AIDS orphans in Africa alone by 2010.


Donna and Ronni you both hit the matter right on the head as far as I'm concerned. It's absolutely amazing that none of the AIDS and even the mass murder/genocide that is currently happening in Africa does NOT get any attention in the American Media. I hear about it all from the BBC. The rest of the world seems very concerned about these issues and America is in the dark. So I say sure. If Madonna wants to adopt orphans from Africa, good on her, no matter how she does it. That's one less child to die of starvation, AIDS, or an intake of rounds from an AK-47.

- Martin


My husband and I have been seriously considering and researching adoption for the last 6 months. And I agree with you 100%, there are so many children here in the U.S. that need the home we can provide. Which is why we want to adopt and laugh at those who ask how long have we been trying and give us "the look" when we tell them we haven't been. However, it is so expensive to adopt in the U.S. that we too have begun to look to other countries due to our financial restrictions. You mentioned Madonna buying a child in Africa, but my husband and I don't have the $25,000 it'll cost to buy a child here in the U.S. The legal fees have driven the costs up astronomically and it's not right because it's the children that suffer! Previously, we would have never considered taking out a loan and claiming a tax credit for expenses incurred to expand our family. We'd love to bring a child into our home and will fiercely protect them against anyone who has the audacity to treat our gift like anything but our child (family members and close friends have already been warned), but I have been unable to find any alternatives in the U.S. that won't send us to the poor house.

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