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...and as I'm sure Lisa will conveniently forget when giving credit where its due in the final product ;-). It was me that has been riding her lo these many months to get going on this. I know she can do it and I know it'll be great when she does it. I have faith in your ability and talent Lisa, you were made for this hun.

Love - MG


I think you should take Nike's advice and just do it...you'd be great!


Well get busy woman! I love learning about local cases and your book just might be the inspiration I need to jump into a good read after so many years...especially since I've watched close to every American Justice and Cold Case Files on AE to the point where I could write on a book on each case :)
Good luck and keep us posted.


Lisa, I have been blocked from commenting here for ages - I hope this works....

Follow your dreams, then, no regrets.

Mia is gorgeous!


Wow, can a person whose name starts with a D comment here? My middle name is Marie.

If you can start with the heart felt conviction that these stories are something that needs to be told then I say-Get busy. We all know you can do it. It means opening yourself up to criticism. Be prepared for that.

Lisa, you are not the 'faint of heart' but you will have to go to some pretty low places to get it done. Take breaks as nessasary. I support you.


Absolutely you should get started Lis, you will be great. Can I make a suggestion for another case? How about the unsolved murder of Mike Brady? Have you heard anything about that lately?


Darr, that's a good one to focus on, especially since I believe you both knew him.


It's a tall order, Lisa. I know you've got the determination to dive in and do it. I'll be first in line to buy your book.


Where is the big story on Hillcrest? I too have lived here all of my life and have heard many of the tawdry secrets of the community. I am interested to hear any of the stories that other "natives" to the area have heard. What about the murder at the Jones Rd Cemetery, or the legend of Benjamin Cholefka(sp?) of Wiggins Rd, or the haunting of the old stagecoach stop on Oak Grove Rd. My family have been living in this area since my great-grandparents came here in the mid 1800's. I have heard a plethora of "urban legends" regarding the surrounding areas. Anyway, please get to the posting of the Hillcrest "secrets" as I am waiting with baited breath.


what a great idea! it may be difficult to gather information, but with determination you can do it!


I'd be very interested in the Leslie Alan Williams part. Two of his victims were found less than a mile from my family home in Wixom. I was the same age as the victims at the time (senior in high school). I think that my girlfriend and I might have had a brush with him while walking in downtown Milford one afternoon. Said friend lived very close to the home of one of his victims in Milford.

Since then, i've been waiting for something on this case.

Get to work, Lisa! ;)


It is funny that I just stubbled across this blog. I actually grew up a few blocks from Leslie Allen Williams. I remember him sitting on his porch, he was a very dirty looking person and would always stare at my friend Kelly when we walked by. We were always safe though, living in a rough neighborhood we learned that carrying little knives in the sleeve of our jackets would fend off any trouble. It is a shame that he was let out of jail early, just to kill again. I hope that your book touches on that subject. There needs to be some type of reform to the prison and court system.


Hello, I was a very close friend of the Villanueva family that was robbed of their dear sister Kami Sept. of 91, and she was found this day May 27, 1992. I hope that you do write a book in regards to this case. It seems that michigan has a continued problem with early release of violent criminals, molesters, and poor foster care systems. Please if you have any questions concerns etc. regarding this case I would gladly answer. thank you and hope you write it soon.....

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