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I can see you have done a lot of work on this one.

Now, go bathe.


Great entry, Lis.

This whole case is so incredibly sad. I hope and pray they solve this case---the sooner the better, so at least the victims' families find some closure and peace.


I hate child killers.


Erm, most people do Platy. At least that is the trend anyway. Sorry, I'm not making fun, I just have to deal with a 3 year old everyday that has an amazing grasp of the obvious. *grin*

- Martin


Lisa, I had to go back and read Part 1, and then come back here. You've done a lot of painstaking research and excellent writing on this case. James Donald Moore certainly seems like a good candidate.

I hope justice is finally served.


Thanks for keeping updates on this important story. My oldest brother was best friends with Tim King, and I've always hoped they'd eventually find the killer.


Iwas 7 in 1978 and lived in southfield. anyone know the age of the child that he molested that yr?


if your talking about the kid that was from southfield he was 12 when he was taken


I find your writing on the OCCK very interesting. Especially the part about the creepy guy...JD Moore. I am originally from Western Wayne county and I was born in 72...I never really knew much about the OCCK until I moved to Berkley. Last winter I went to the Berkley PD to get printed (required for my job) but the finger print guy was out for the holiday. I was 39 weeks pregnant and prime to deliver my son anytime and my employer had a deadline for those prints. The detective at the PD, Detective Anger was kind enough to print me in the absence of his fellow officer...while completing the paper work in his office I knocked a stack of papers over (a large stack). The stack was related to the OCCK, which started a half hour conversation about the horrific crimes. He told me he was on his way to AZ to follow up on a lead that would most likely turn up zilch...but you never know.

Since my conversation with Det. Anger I have been so interested in this case. I appreciate the fact that he is working the case with such diligence after all these years..that a detective still cares about those children. I am now rambling so I apologize...but this is the best blog I have found on the subject so compliments to you!


I have found your site to be very interesting. I have to say that though this person you speak of has done some terrible crimes they do not fit the mold for the serial killer that is known as the "babysitter" You have stated that only the boys were molested, actually this was done after they were dead and it was believed that something was inserted into them. Now, the person you have talked about has been cruel in the things he has done but to me does not sound like someone who would kidnap 4 children and keep them from 4 to 19 days and then go through the trouble of cleaning them up after killing them. Reading the things you say this person has done is horrible but to make the leap to not molesting and abusing these kids just doesn't fit. Sexuals predators do not stop doing what they do. Obviously the person you talk about is really sick but why would he change his behavior for just these 4? Perverts who prey on children for the purpose of sex is not going to stop that especially if he is holding them for the length of time this person did. I was 8 years old when this happened and lived in Oakland County and would love to see these murders solved but people such as yourself always trying to link this case to a sexual predator is just wrong and in my own opinion is why it has not been solved. All serial killers have distintive m.o's and this person is a serial killer and not a sex predator. Sexual predators do not change from predator to killer and then back to predator. If that were the case, then why do people that are convicted of sexual molestation continue to molest after they have been released from prison and not graduate to killing?
Again, I am not saying that the person you talk about is not evil but I get the sense from reading your stories that you have a personal vendetta to link him to this case when there doesn't seem to be one......


I have been doing some reading on the recent individuals being looked at in the
Oakland County Child Killer Case. What I see is allot of hype online by a
select handfull of Jernalist saying each time this is the most promising lead,
some too young to know this molester existed at the time of the killings.

When this case was aired on Americas Most Wanted in the 80's, I recall
police thought a woman may be behind involved in the child killings. However,
I see no mention where police dropped this theory.

Is the Oakland County Child Killer case being used as a personal vendetta against
known child molesters, or is the search really focusing on finding the

I see a name Kristin E. Longly all over the internet with interest
columns on this case. How old was Kristin at the time these killings occured.
where did she grow up, and why is her interest in Child Molesters so strong. Most people
have an interest for personal reasons. I am curious what her interest is, besides the money
she is making off the case.


I think some of us who follow this case closely do it because growing up in Oakland County in the 70s was a pretty traumatic experience. All of us were scared in those days, if we heard anything about it at all, and it was pretty hard not to. The kids were taken in different suburbs, and dropped off in others. So, most of us who were kids at this time can relate to living near one of those points. I lived two blocks from where Kristine disappeared and she went to school with my brother. Not a month goes by that I don't think of this, and wish and pray and hope for a resolution, for the sake of the poor family members and the communities who were terrorized by these crimes. They dictated where we walked, when we walked there, who are friends were, and what we were doing. So, to answer your question, this is still a hot case because it scared the crap out of a generation of kids AND their parents. That is why so many of us come back again and again and read new developments.

I also want to add how much I respect Det. Anger, and all of the other detectives and police officers who have been working on this case for 30 years. God bless them.

NJ in CO


Wow ! I'm glad you keep up on all this Lisa. No one else seems to be. I've heard of Bobby Moore, but not James Moore. I think I'll look him up.

Terri Tomajko

Hi Lisa,
I'd just like to say I think you've done a good job with this site, all the way around. I too respect our detectives and think this is solveable.
I just have one comment on something. It bothers me the way he's refered to as " The babysitter". This person is a monster. I just never thought that name was right, even if he did feed and bathe them.


Long time reader, first time poster. Your blog is excellent. Include me among the others that remember and remain frightened of the "Oakland County Child Killer". He was never the "Babysitter" to me, as a 9 year old in West Bloomfield he was the Bogeyman, the real deal. I can still remember the police sketch on the front page of the Detroit News. It still scares the sh*t out of me.
You're coverage of Paige Renkowski is also heartwarming to see. It's nice to know these tragic events are not forgotten.
Brian Sterling


I agree with Jim (1/5/07) that this was a serial killer and that whatever appears to be sexual assault on the 2 boys was done after the murders (also there was never any evidence of sperm on/in any of the bodies) and secondary to the criminal intention. I would not classify the killer as a pedophile. I also do not believe the killer is alive. Unfortunately, the yearning to find an answer continues to bring up new leads of people who are usually now in prison for other crimes that don't fit the profile of this killer. No one wants to admit that the killer essentially got away and that it will never be possible to prove guilt. DNA evidence was scanty - a hair or two on a body which could be anyone's. Just because someone's DNA does not match that of the hairs does not clear that person. Think JonBenet Ramsey. Some quack like John Mark Karr may come along and claim to be guilty but the evidence doesn't fit. Then you have people serving life in prison who would have nothing to lose by confessing to more crimes, especially if they've already been convicted of molesting or killing a child. No, I still think the killer is long gone and was a very self-destructive person in addition to destroying the lives of others. The self-destruction and guilt eventually caught up with him. Some things don't always appear as they really are - e.g., an "accident" is not always an accident. Some people commit suicide by making it appear there was an accident (or just don't care if they get into one). I do think the killer is a person who was investigated but unfortunately the police did not follow up as rigorously as they should have. In their defense, however, forensic technology available in the mid-1970's was not what it is today. It was difficult to coordinate the efforts of various police departments. I do wonder though why the police did not do some polygraphs of key suspects. I believe that technology was available then, although it was not admissable in court. Still, today polygraphs are an important tool to ascertain whether someone is being truthful or not. Skillful interrogation techniques also help. While I think they did the best job they could under the circumstances, I think the police were so overwhelmed that they simply missed following up on someone who was a viable suspect.


Maybe they dont care. maybe they should ask some victumes of the times. Have you heard of any people that have come forth as a victum. Maybe they just ignore the womon that is a adult now. I know that they ignore me. I figure the only reason I am alive is because of Jesus Christ. I do not know if it was the occk, but I do know this was a really sick individual that was trying to kill me.
I also know that when I emailed police they never got back with me.


Read this it's good.



James Moore was just interrogated by Detective Anger and a Michigan State cop pertaining to the OCCK and Amy Mihaljevic from Ohio.

They say they are going back to talk to him again (may have by now).

Naturally, James denied any involvement, but also now denies killing Justin Bogdanik, a crime he already confessed to.


Check out WZZM Channel 13 (if you're in Grand Rapids) on Wednesday, May 9, 2007. Both evening and late news, right after "Lost".


I was almost kidnapped about the same time. The police took a statement, but i don't know how to go about getting it. I don't know if it could be the occk, I was 6 and lived in Northville(Nine Mile Rd. I believe).

A Friend of Timmy


I can promise you that you will be hearing some news about the death of Timmy King in the comming weeks, as a break in the case has occurred.

I knew Timmy and the King family as a child, and have carried this case with me over the last thirty years. It is sometimes hard to understand how or why God's time has taken this long to solve this, but I know that a break is pending.

Best Regards,



Friend of Timmy, are you refering to the wrongful death lawsuit that was filed a couple of weeks ago against Theodore Lamboghine?
If not, would you give a hint as to the recent break in the case?


Hi, I'm Klaudia...and my surname is Bogdanik lol x)


Klaudia, I have read of Justin Bogdanik. James Moore was convicted of a crime against him, and James Moore has been linked in the OCCK case. Are you related to Justin?

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