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I think you're right on the money, Lisa.

I wonder how many little victims are left in his wake, though. It seems likely he's an abuser of children at the very least.

I think JonBenet's killer is still out there.


I still think JBR's killer died this past June.


I agree with you. I think the killer is someone else. I also wrote in my blog that I think that he's really messed up.


The second I saw Mr. Karr in that bizarre Thailand press conference, my first thought was..."he's lying". Like you, Lisa, I'm tired of this guy--tired of seeing his mug on tv (he looks lie 80's German techno-pop-art singer Klaus Nomi!) I won't go as far as saying Patsy Ramsey did it. But--I think a big secret died with her in June.


One of the things Rich does in his job is interview people and determine if they are lying. He felt pretty sure this freak was lying. A totally demented pedophile, yes.. killer of JBR probably not.

Beth Miller

I think this guy is a fruit cake! Anyone want him for a Christmas gift???

Beth Miller

Here's one for you Lisa, Dr. Jeffery McDonald---guilty or not guilty???
What do you think??


DNA comparrison came back negative today.


I just saw on Yahoo where the prosecutor isn't pressing charges because the DNA is a no match. I knew it! I also thought the father's reaction was odd. He was saying something along the lines of "don't jump to conclusions" and such. If someone had been talking about my dead baby that way I sure as hell wouldn't be neutral on the subject, whether he was guilty or not. I'd have at least called him a sick bastard or something, you know? In my opinion the parents did it, and the father didn't want anyone to jump to conclusions because he knew he wasn't guilty.

Beth Miller

I knew the DNA would NOT be there. The guy is a sick NUT!

I agree the parents did it!


When you're right, by God, you're right. Lisa one: Ramsey case -472


I believed this guy to be a fruit from the get-go. DNA was going to be the only factor to convince me otherwise. However, I still don't believe the Ramsey's had anything to do with their child's death. It just doesn't add up IMO. I found a link on Court TV message boards that points back to Santa. Anyone remember seeing him on Geraldo years ago? He gave me the most uneasy feeling that has never left my mind.


Beth, do NOT even get me going on Geoff McDonald. OF COURSE he did it!


In regard to the Ramsey murder post - the correct spelling is perpetrator- not perpatrator.


Always so happy to see the spelling police stop by.

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