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Beth Miller

OMG Lisa----40 is NOT fatal! Trust me. I will be 56 on July 27 and I am still alive and I am still breathing and I am still functioning much as I did when I was (please forgive me) 40.

I feel old some days.

My joints (the ones you use to walk with NOT the ones you use to smoke) holler at me more now than when I was 40.

I enjoy claiming "senior moment" when I forget something!

I think anyone over 50 should qualify for a handicap sticker---why not let US OLDIES park close! After all we can't walk as far as we used to. LMAO.

But the glories of "geting old" come in little packages. My two granddaughters. They are 5 and 2. My ONLY reason to wake up in the morning. My ONLY reason to continue breathing. And IF you love being a mom--being a grandmother is a million times better.

So 40 isn't fatal it's just one step closer to the best SEX you'll ever have, the best time you'll ever have and the most LOVE you will ever receive.

Yes I did say SEX. It seems you have to put more effort into the very act so it becomes something that it more than worthwhile!

Have a GREAT day!


Lisa, you will (and have) always aged gracefully...so don't worry about it so much. LOL. You know I will fully support the true crime genre, so bring it on.

And I'm not trying to turn you a year older before your time, but Happy Early Bday!


If you are going to get a face lift then your going the whole hog! Face, boobs, butt, legs, permanent makeup, the list goes on... Of course you will have to get a frontal lobotomy to match your new body!

The only problem with that is that you will have to get a new husband too. This one likes you the way you are and would run mad and hang himself if he lost his best friend to surgery.

- Martin


Lisa...test your limits on all levels...enjoy being forty...Do what pleases you, even if you think it's a little out of your 'realm'. It'll all be over before you know it! I learned how to ride a Harley at 48 (and LOVE IT)and got my scuba cerification (and LOVE IT)...and a little help from a surgeon. What the heck? It's my body and I have to live in it and I intend on being as comfortable as I can.


I guess aging is a personal thing... i myself am loving it! the older i get the freer i feel... the more silver in my hair.. the more magical i feel... i say bring it on! the wisdom to laugh only compounds with the ability to laugh as gravity takes its rightful place in your universe....... fortunately for you ... you will never have to worry (like me) about what to do when your boobs start leaving bruises on your kneecaps!... so have a cup of tea and grow old with a wise grin....gracefully!

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