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I awoke to the smell of a fire! "Lisa! What's burning?". Although I must admit I also have done the pizza box caper in the past. Running to the door with a flaming pizza box was when I realized how trully afraid of fire my wolf dog really was.

- Martin


Oh God. I actually did the pizza-box-thing, too. Except I lived on the second floor and had to toss it out a window (so it'd put itself out in the snow). My best freind was coming up the walkway when it happened. She still teases me about the flying,flaming pizzabox fiasco.


I once threw an iron pan that had grease burning in it out into the snow. It cracked cleanly down the middle. Who knew?


That's hilarious, and soooo me. Once when my oldest daughter was a baby I started a grease fire in the kitchen at 4am. I thought I would save some time by sterilizing my breast pump and bottles while I fed the baby, but I accidentally turned the burner on under a pan of bacon grease instead. Needless to say I ran through the apartment with a baby stuck to my chest Yelling "OH SHIT...FIRE". We managed to put the fire out without any damage being done, and my husband made sure I got more rest after that.


LOVE the visual I'm getting...


Well, I can't compete with the flaming pizza box, but I have left a PLASTIC dishpan full o dirty dishes in the oven. Yep, that was interesting!


I've left pans in the oven before and turned it on, nothing smells worse ughhh.
From the responses I'm glad to see I'm not the only one who's done this lol.

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