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I never went to any of those concerts, but I definitely remember WABX. Aren't they the station that changed formats sometime during senior year? I remember riding to school with Dave T. one morning and we turn to the station and it was Barry Manilow. We were crushed. Another time we were late for school because we sat in the parking lot listening to Ebn Ozn's song A E I O U Sometimes Y on the radio.

Ooh, ooh, all of this reminds me - do you remember about the lost Hawaiians?


Marshall Crenshaw! I thought I as the only one who loved him!!! We are soul sisters..we must be!

T. Kinks Heiss

I just met A guy in Detroit named Terry, says he's the drummer for the kingbees and that they are just about to sign w/sony. Is this the same band as the one your talkin' about?


How did you get a copy of the King Bees' album? I went to U of M at Ann Arbor and remember them well. Have looked high and low for the album. Any suggestions?

Steve Corbett

The Kingbees double CD (two albums on one disc) is available brand new. Just google "kingbees" and hit the links on the first page. You'll find it. Get 'em while they're hot! I discovered them in 1980 and was hooked. Didn't hear them for 25 years until now. Just got my CD copy today and boy, did it bring back great memories! They were an AWESOME group of musicians!

Gary Pace

Hi ~ I absolutely remember these guys. The main guy is Canadian. North of Windsor I believe.

That was a great time in music. Kind of pop punk. Romantics, Cheap Trick (in the early days) Yep I am 40. I too remember the Hart Plase shows (BSA, The Look, Cadilac Kids, Polish Muslims).

Thanx for the trip down memory lane. Does anyone remember Honeymoon Suite a couple years later?

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