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milk and cake

but if you get on the jury...it will be so cool. it will be such a strike against lowest-common-denominator america!


I think you would make an excellent juror, Lisa.

I served as the foreperson of a federal court jury in Detroit when I was in my 20's. Suddenly, I was receiving summons left and right.

While I enjoyed the experience, the pay sucked. The last time I was called I said something like, "I think drugs should be legal!" It was a drug trafficking case and lo & behold, I wasn't chosen.

As a matter of fact, I haven't been summonsed since then! LOL


I think it would be cool to serve on jury duty.
The last time I was called, I was young and stupid and dressed like a hoodlum to get out of it.


Gawd, Jury Duty! I dread the thought of it.

I'd be so obsessed with being objective and fair, it would probably drive me insane.


They always want me, too. You would think that being a nurse would deter them, but they like nurses nowadays. Last time I did not get picked, but 3 people got out of it with notes from their pastors/priests or whatever saying they are not allowed to judge people according to their religious ideas! Try that one!


I had jury duty for a civil case years ago in Chicago. It lasted almost two weeks, about half of that deliberating. It involved insurance fraud, we knew the guy had done it, but had trouble deciding if they actually proved their case. This was a lawsuit that had been going on for 19 years!

Mark served on a jury for a malpractice suit in Bucks Co a few years ago, and he could not believe how stupid most of the jurors were. They honestly refused to believe that any doctor would ever lie about anything. They kept saying "but he's a doctor!" Please.

I think I would be able to get out of it now, being the primary caregiver of a young child, and a nursing mother, but I've never been one of those people that hates the idea of jury duty. I'm such a patriotic sap I get all teary eyed about "civic duty" and "we are so blessed to have this right!"


Show up with our daughter in tow Hun, and then announce that you are racist. Let them figure that one out.

- M


Lisa, you are such a trendsetter....what did I discover in my mailbox yesterday? You guessed it. A notice for jury duty. Fire up.

Michelle J

It's been quite awhile since you posted this, but I'm guessing you didn't serve? Being chosen to appear and being chosen to actually serve on a jury are two different things. It's actually very interesting and you might be pleasantly surprised. Small price to pay to live in America.

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