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Staff Sergeant Greg Moore, now home from Iraq, seems to have a gift for putting it into perspective.

It may take my wife and children a long time to realize that while I look the same, I am not the same person who said goodbye to them many months ago. I will never be the same again--thankfully so.

Each day now I am acutely aware of what makes me happy, and what it is I do that makes other people happy. Walking point through the volatile streets in Iraq helped me see this much more clearly, and I will make every effort to preserve that awareness for the rest of my days.

When I look through my photo album I think about the men I served with, and learned to count on, who are no longer by my side. The men who had their bodies pierced by the hatred of terrorists, men who left their last breaths in a place far away. Great men doing a job that allows this noble country the freedoms it deserves.

I have seen the dark side of humanity and it has forever changed me. As I sit here in my house, with the sun streaming through the windows, I look out and see the boughs of the evergreens blowing in the breeze.

There are no armed guards on the roof. No sandbags. I don't call in grid coordinates of my whereabouts any more.

Mission briefs have been replaced by wonderful communication between two parents. As I drive through town, I am alone; with no turret and no gunner above me. I don't have to scrutinize every pile of dirt, every plastic bag to check whether it may explode.

Amazingly, I am safe.

- I don't often say this to anyone, but God bless them all. They were sent to a nasty far away place by a stupid man, but no one can ever question their honor or their dedication to us all or to each other. God bless them.



You have my addy. Put me on the list!


Oh, and this blog is so interesting. Are you writing this crap for your stupid dog?


I agree with Martin's statement in the last paragraph above.

May they all be watched over and brought home safe.


Please note that "Rose" above, claims to be a "Christian" on http://www.wifiarray.net/roseblogher blog.

Hypocrisy, anyone?

Jillian Staci

Lisa, I don't recall you ever having mentioned that your dog can read.

I have to disagree with the above poster. That would have to be one smart dog;D


Well, at least Rose had the balls to put her name & blog address with her comment -- or did you add that?

Um, hi -- update much? How's the job?


Wow.. quite a post to get snarky on, no?

I hope the best for Sam, and all of your family Lisa.


Figures that "Rose's" favorite writer is none other than Ann Coulter. That says it all, I think.

Besides, this was a post about Sam. Keep it straight, Rose!

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