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I have just learned to knit some, and that is AWESOME! I want one, but I have no idea what felting is!


Oh Lisa, I know a little about knitting, But I have never tried to felt anything yet... Holly is a knitter isn't she...???


felting is easy, it's just like shrinking a wool sweater. because really, that's all it is!


HA! I've been dying to find someone to knit this for me for years-
so good luck with that!
I can knit but I've never been very good at following a pattern.
Felting is easy, though. Whoa....wait a minute....didn't you just say not that long ago you didn't understand the knitting blog thing? Are, are, are you blogging about knitting??? More and more often I see.......:-)

BTW, does your MIL know anything about knitting? Just from her estimated age and being from the British Iles I'd think she might know a think or two. I dunno...just a guess.


My MIL does knit, but she complains that she can't get "real" wool like she could in England. She made Martin a lovely cable fisherman style sweater and thinks its awful and tells him to throw it away.

OMG! I am turning into the knitting blog! (snort)


Under no circumstances is anyone to show that scarf to my daughter (aka the bat)!!


She can do a cable knit sweater? Well hell's bells girl, I'd think she could do poor yorrick for you. Hell, I'd pay her (or to just show me) to do a vegan fox stole for me. I've always wanted a fox stole but not one of those real, dirty, nasty ones. ;-)

Jill Staci

From Amy: "Whoa....wait a minute....didn't you just say not that long ago you didn't understand the knitting blog thing? Are, are, are you blogging about knitting???"

Ha! This made me chuckle.

One of the things that attracts me to your blog is that it is so multi-faceted. I never know what tangent you will veer off into. I think Amy appreciates that as well.

I wish I could knit.

I've been a 'crochet genius' since I was a kid, and always try to translate knitting instructions to a crochet equivalent. I couldn't do that with the instructions you linked to, and now I feel stupid.

The felting aspect is intriguing. I need to learn to knit, dammit!


Beyond my skills, Lisa. And I can knit a cable sweater, too!

It's the felting, mostly, but some of her instructions are couched in language that's different from most knitting patterns that I've used.


I just assumed those long needles were made for poking people with.

I think it's really cool that you can take two sharp sticks and create something beautiful with them.

That, my dear is talent!


The felting is the easy part. It seems to be the newest big thing on the crafts circuit- I'm seeing it all over the place. Unfortunately I can't knit!

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