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I love the look on Mia's face - "I'm not so sure about this character." She's looking so grown up all of a sudden! But still goreous, of course. The Lovebug sat on Santa's lap at the photographer's yesterday, but it was just another lap, another person to pay attention to him. Should be interesting to see how he reacts next year. I love the Santa Train idea, maybe we'll get back to do that next year.


Yeah the Santa train was a good idea. Mia loves going for train rides, that will be her 4th or 5th one now. We usually do the Hamburg Train Days and we also did another one last year that went from Howell to Whitmore Lake. They are all hosted by Lake Central Train Tours and the same sad old GP pulls the trains but it's fun. Especially for the little ones. As you said Darr with your little one, Mia was fine on Santa's lap last year, but now she's a little more sophisticated and she just wasn't sure about him when he finally sat down beside her and Lisa. Oh well, better luck next year I guess.



Lisa, it sounds like you had a wonderful day. Maybe the Santa was an angel.


Ha! She looks like Willis ("Whatchoo talkin' about?")!

Save that picture for the yearbook staff during her senior year in high school. She'll be all sophisticated, and there will be that pic in the yearbook!


Jillian Staci

I second Darr - the look on Mia's face is classic.

Doesn't it seem that this time of year flies by a whole Heck of a lot faster when we get to be adults?

Oh, to be a kid again.


Yep, that picture of Mia is one of those that is worth a thousand words!


I had to laugh tonight. I asked Mia, while she was playing with the "jingle bell" on the Christmas Tree that Santa gave her on the train, if she remembered talking to Santa. Her answer with her limited vocab: "red coat".

LOL...yes honey, red coat.


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