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I haven't been to the Troy library yet. I'm not even sure where it's at. I guess maybe that situation is another casualty of the internet.


presently I hold a card for 4 of the local libraries - I figure screw it they aren't gonna validate my address everytime I go in to check out a book so why not... surprisingly the little community we moved to has a awesome and super kid friendly media center that we have been taking full advantage of ...Also does your library have an interaloan system where you can request books from other libraries loaned to you through your library... if it does it will open up so many opportunities for you... ( I am such a nerd - I LOVE libraries - one of my fav places !)


Hey I love Horatio Hornblower!

I hate the Brighton Library though...those people are such snobs! I went there when I first moved back out here and lived off of Herbst Rd. I had 10 million books ready to go and then found out I couldn't check them out as I lived in the howell School district...but had a Brighton mailing address. No apology or nuthin' either. I remember when I was a kid and it wa sin th at old red builing on the Mill Pond. I had read evertything in the kid section and had wandered up-stairs to look in non fiction and some old bitch yelled at me for being in the "adult section". My mom came unglued and said it was pretty bad when a voracious reader like me was being barked at for looking for more books!

Bob Denyer

"More wine, Paulie"


What makes you sure "dago" isn't offensive? Because my husband's grandmother, a WWII bride from Florence, cries whenever she hears that word. I think it has something to do with all of the racial slurs she received when she arrived in Detroit. She was also called a "whore" because she had her ears pierced.

Blockbuster sucks and you're right, the Library Network is a godsend. I'd order a book online and it would be at my library in New Hudson the next day. I do the same up here- there is a district library system and guess what branch I go to? The one located inside of the mall because it's close, it keeps mall hours and that's really nice. And all of the people there love me.

Speaking of being able to tell what library you're in by what books they carry, this reminded me of my parent's neighbor who is a pharmacist for a grocery chain. (starts with "V", ends with "G".) She travels to all of the stores and she can tell what city she's in by what she's serving up that day. Flint/Owosso area? Diabetes and old people's meds. Brighton/Howell area? Any type of happy drugs- zoloft, prozac, you get the picture.

Oh, and don't tell Holly about Horatio Hornblower- she loves that shit!


Marlon Brando would be proud (actually, he probably wouldn't give a shit, but I had to make some kind of statement here). I can't believe Blockbuster only had GFIII...I and II are the best ones! See, THAT'S why I don't frequent Blockbuster. What morons.


Godfather II is my favorite. It has the best cinematography and soundtrack, too.

I love watching entire series of movies in a marathon! The only problem is stopping to make dinner or powder thy nose.

Thanks for the book plug!


The only redeeming feature of Godfather III is Andy Garcia.

He can eat crackers in my bed anytime.

Godfather II is my favorite. I love the backstory and the little boy who plays Don Corleone as a child is heartbreakingly cute.

Jillian Staci

Lisa: "You have two copies of every example of Danielle Steele's trite dreck and don't have more than three books about local history. What's up with that? Are all the patrons here illiterate or what?"

Okay, you are officially my hero(ine).

My library has been my savior when it comes to classic (and even non-classic) movies.

Jillian Staci

The only redeeming feature of Godfather III is ((ANDY GARCIA.))

Oh, snaps to that.


Looks like typepad is finally back up. I just did what they said and went to the design tab and hit republish and my blog seems to be fully recovered. Interesting, huh?

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