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Oh, my! TWO hunks in uniform! You lucky girl.
I hate the war too.


Sam served in "Gulf War 1" and in Afghanistan (as well as other tours of duty). Sam didn't "need" to join the Army as he was a child in an upper middle class family in America (with an education from a top ten college). He is a 2nd generation Polish imergent and he felt the need to serve his new country. He never did serve in a "half assed" manor. He joined up to be a paratrooper, 82nd airborne infantry. first in, last out, and if the enemy was orginized... cannon fodder... Now that is bravery. Sam is the most honorable man I have ever had the pleasure to meet and befriend. I also hate the fact that the jackass in the Whitehouse has put men and women of this caliber in harms way for no good reason, but I wish each and every one of them well and I hope that a lot of Mom's and Dad's across the world (America is not the only country involved in this war) see their children home safely.



Two handsome guys!


Ditto to Martin's comment about Sam being honorable AND the jackass in the White House comment...Amen to that!


Wonderful words from Martin.

Lisa, those are really handsome guys.

I hope all is well and that dang tree stays put.


ooh, he is handsome all dressed up in his uniform. it's so sad they're going to send him away! i his tour goes well and he comes home all in one piece.


Your two husbands are two good looking gentlemen. :)

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