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Everybody hates me. I had such an easy time with menopause. I had hot flashes, but not really bad ones, and i just one day woke up and realized I hadn't had a period for 11 months. That was about 6 years ago, and I still get an occasional mild hot flash (warm flash? heh!), but that's about it!


I'd hate you too, Vero! Mine was worse from the radiation. It basically fried my insides so it was very abrupt and not a natural progression.


I had hot flushes [that's what we call them here, so everytime I see that written down I think of streakers and wonder what you are all up to LOL] from a drug I was on for 12mths, my Doc called it my Warmup Phase. I was not a happy lil vegemite then, so definitely not looking forward to it as a long term thing.


Lisa, I get flashes day and night.

I was on HRT for 5 years before my Chemo/Radoptherapy - I stopped taking it while I was having my treatment. When I was over the worst, I thought I would go back on the HRT to get rid of the flashes, which, BTW are driving me nuts.

Alas! The HRT, no longer works and I am not prepared to keep taking it, just to keep my bones healthy.

This is a good subject - maybe someone will have a helful suggestion. Forget Vero, I hate her too. LOL


Sorry Lisa. I wanted to say that I think the Radiation made mine worse too.

I suffer the same symptoms as you do. Thirst, night sweats and can only wear summer pyjamas.

That makes it hellish getting out of bed at 6:30am on Winter mornings.


ROFLMAO @ the one sock idea!
:) Actually, that just might work.

Stephanie F

I had radiation but not chemo for stage 0 breast cancer three years ago. I had been on HRT for hot flashes and felt great. Because of the cancer, I hat to stop my HRT. Now I am thirsty all the time and have bad hot flashes, up to about 15 a day, some lasting nearly an hour. I seem to be one of those women who do not get over having hot flashes as it's been eight years since menopause.

I also drink close to a gallon of liquid a day – coffee, tea and water. Mostly water.

I had not considered that the radiation would have contributed to my hot flashes, but it make sense.

I read about a new treatment using a stellate ganglion block to interrupt the sympathetic nervous system. The only folks I know who are doing this are doctors at the Advance Pain Centers in Chicago. This is a treatment that's been well-established for pain management but is fairly new (and not FDA sanctioned) for hot flashes. Still, if it would work, I'd try it. It's supposed to stop hot flashes for up to three years. I'll have to save up since I'm not sure that my insurance will cover the $1,000 treatment or the trip to Chicago.

Whatever happens, I am not giving up wine, hot food, caffeine or cheese. I need a little fun in my life.

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