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Lisa, Mia is sooo cute!


What a great tribute to Mia. So precious. I watched it twice.


Well it wasn't very "professional" but Daddy was bored this evening. It's wonderful what you can do with a $20 digital camera, some old photos, an MP3 and Windows Moviemaker, even on a first try.


Martin, nice job! That was really cool and captured so much of Mia, and what joy she has brought you and Lisa. I especially like the pics in the bathing suit, and the birthday cake---classic!


Oh! SO CUTE! She is getting so big! She seems so much bigger even than when we saw her in May, like she's gone from toddler to little girl. And the newborn pictures! It's hard to believe she was ever that tiny, and that I actually got to see her when she was just a few days old! Such a sweet thing. I'm going to make Mark do one of those for LoveBug!


So you used Windows Moviemaker? We have SO got to get that...


And... she is soooo precious. I just want to smooch those cheeks over and over!


Stacy, Moviemaker is built into the Windows XP operating system, it comes with it. - M


Awwwww how sweet! It made me remember some of those moments with my kids(birthday cake and velvet dresses). They do grow up fast, don't blink.


What a doll! I loved the video, she is a beautiful child. You are blessed and so is she.


So this little video is now Mia's favorite thing to watch (big surprise). Lisa and I are now both worn out on the song. Mia's comments are always the same however. When she sees herself holding the drink she says "drink!, drink!", when she sees China she says "China!, China!" and for herself, Mia sounds very much like "me" so we are at a stand on whether she is saying "Mia" or "me". Other than that we get identified, as in "Daddy" and "Momma". I should make another video of her watching this video, it's really quite entertaining (other than the song we've both heard 70 times in the last 36 hours that is!).


Mia is too adorable! I don't have speakers connected yet, but soon will and definitely will watch this again.

Too cute!


Lisa, I really like your blog. I have been reading every time you put up a new entry. You are so open and frank about subjects most people would hesitate to discuss. That is really a good quality because it helps people realize that they aren't the only ones who hurt from time to time.

I'm so glad I have gotten to know you over the many months...at least know you in our conversations, but wish we lived closer. I could be a surrogate grandma to Mia. I'll bet you have lots of offers.


Lisa, she's adorable! Lucky her, and lucky y'all.
Thanks for sharing :o)


Awwww! She's so adorable. I really like the picture of her where she's holding the red flower.

Thanks for sharing! xxoo


What a wonderful thing for daddy to do for his little girl. Thanks for sharing.

Maybe this is the perfect time to introduce Mia to headphones!

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